Artist Spotlight: Rose Cora Perry (Ontario, Canada)

SB (StarBeat): Rose, do you have a third name starting with M?

RCP (Rose Cora Perry): Yes, in fact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police came up with their moniker after becoming fans of my music I do think horses are quite majestic creatures so I didn’t go after them with a copyright claim.




SB: Alrighty then, with that out of the way, we can loosen up a bit… Rose, tell me, when did you start singing?

RCP: At the tender age of four! My parents enrolled me in classical vocal training which I underwent for over a decade. I have my grade seven in vocal music and my grade two in theory rudiments from the Royal Conservatory of Music. I wrote my very first song at age seven.


rose-cora-perrySB: What’s more nervous: live or in the studio? (And we are after the % nervous: like 83% vs a more generic 50%.)

RCP: 90% live vs 10% in the studio because in the studio, you get second takes (if needed).


SB: And by the way. Congratulations! You just released an album, how long were you working on it?

RCP: Thank you! My latest album (my second solo release and fifth album of my career), “Onto the Floor” was a four-year undertaking that changed directions a couple of times along the way. But, I couldn’t be happier with the result as taking my time really allowed my musical direction to evolve and for me to redefine my genre.


SB: Other than music… what else are you into?

RCP: I’m a HUGE movie buff – especially action movies and anything from the 90s – to the extent that I challenge anyone to a “quote off”. I also write psychology editorial pieces, most recently for Moods Magazine, and I regularly donate my time as a Guest Speaker and Emcee for various non-for-profit events. In particular, veganism and raising awareness about mental health issues are two causes near and dear to my heart.


SB: Snap Q: What’s harder: being a standup comedian or a politician? 3,2,1…

RCP: Comedian – because unlike a politician, you won’t be able to earn a paycheque if you’re terrible at your job.


rose-cora-perrySB: Describe what a perfect day is for you?

RCP: Sleeping in, getting glammed up and rocking out in front of a massive crowd!


SB: Well that’s great. But let’s keep it real. How perfect is your average day?

RCP: Admittedly, my “Clark Kent” identity is pretty low-key and probably not very exciting to most but being happy is all about attitude. I’m grateful for everything I’ve got in my life – all of the wonderful people I know, the opportunities I’ve been afforded and the fact that I’m able to pursue my dream.


SB: I have a very personal question to ask you… Who?

RCP: Guess?


SB: Why do U gotta be like dat?

RCP: Cause it was a popular game back in the day.


SB: I see… So, what’s the guilty pleasure?

RCP: Chocolate and coconut: it’s the perfect marriage of flavours. Oh and I also never got over my childhood obsession with The Spice Girls. I may or may not know the hidden meaning behind “zig-a-zig-ah” along with the choreography to all of their songs.




SB: Obviously you have a superpower!… What is it again?

RCP: Truth be told as I’m the daughter of two award-winning athletes, I’m actually ridiculously strong despite my delicate frame….and I have my black belt in karate. At one point, there was even talk about me competing in the Olympics as a sprinter.


SB: What’s your dream performance and how do you visualize that will happen?

RCP: Opening for one of the greats like Aerosmith, Jovi or ACDC. It’d obviously help if in fact Joe Perry were my long lost uncle but I’m not gonna hold my breath on getting the results from a DNA test. I’m pretty sure he’s busy.

In other words, I’ve worked my way up from the very bottom in this industry doing all of my own bookings, publicity, marketing, you name it – learning many harsh lessons along the way. All one can do when it comes to pursuing their dreams is never lose faith in themselves or sight of the reason(s) as to why they got started – which in my case is my LOVE of music!


rose-cora-perrySB: Fantastic Rose, quick shoutout and that’s a wrap!

RCP: A HUGE HUGE thanks once again to everyone who helped me take home the silver in the last round. It’s been incredible connecting with all of you. I’m super stoked to be in this next round and thank you all in advance for your tremendous support. Rock on!

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