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Ashley Pater is one of those artists that immediately flips on your talent antennas. Her style is unique and her delivery is honest. We interviewed her after her breakthrough performance in our inaugural Top Talent in Canada February 2017 contest.


SB (StarBeat): Congratulations Ashley! What a great showing in the last day of the competition – you made it all the way up to 2nd place in our Top Talent in Canada contest! Besides the obvious super-shining talent and coming in super late – how did you do it?

AP (Ashley Pater): Thank you so much! I am very excited about this. Of course I did the social media campaigns but I really owe this to my family, friends, and fans. There were a few passionate people that ran with this and started email campaigns, phone call campaigns, and sharing it on their social media sites. I know this went around the world. Understand I received votes from S Korean, the Philippians, India, the USA, and England.

One of my Dad’s colleagues had a voting party where she entertained friends at her place and had everyone vote and then share with their friends. Another friend of my Dad’s, and my sometimes videographer, brought in about 20% of the votes alone through his connects. My uncle made it his personal mission to get me votes and spent several days focused on this. I think it was more stressful for him than anyone else…Lol. Of course my parents were incredibly supportive through the entire run bugging everyone they knew.


Ashley Pater


FLASH UPDATE (April 25, 2017)

See Ashley Live – Summer 2017 BC Tour Schedule

May 06 – 7p @ Bar One, Langley, BC
May 07 – 10a @ GVMC, Surrey, BC (Charity event for the Firefighters Burn Fund)
Jun 02 – 8p @ Fraser Heights Country Fair, Surrey, BC
Jun 24 – 7p @ Matsqui Centennial Area, Abbotsford, BC
Sep 01 – 8:30p @ The Artspace, Prince George, BC
Sep 03 – 7p @ The Arts Centre, Williams Lake, BC
Sep 04 – 7P @ The Stage House, Kamloops, BC

Latest event info on


SB: That mini-guitar was just plain unfair! Way too cute. When did you start playing?

AP: (Laugh) Ya, I typically play the guitar and have been wanting a ukulele for some time and finally received one for Christmas. That’s when I started playing and am self-taught. The House Down the Road was my first song written specifically for the ukulele.


SB: Do you happen to have a brother named Peter?

AP: “Peter Pater” ?! (laugh) no but I hope he voted for me.

Ashley PaterSB: What is your favourite colour and why?

AP: Mint Green – I like the flavour of mint and this colour seems calm and inviting.

SB: You can only pick one, singing-live or song-writing – which is it? 3…2…1…

AP: Interesting question. I have not given it much thought and very much enjoy both. If I had to pick one over the other, I would say song writing.

SB: ‘The House Down The Road’ – is that about spying on your neighbours?

AP: (laugh) I tend to write either about my experiences or more often than not, my observations. High school is a great source of inspiration for song writing. Especially in grade 8 where we are all trying to find our place. The House Down the Road is about not about spying on the neighbours rather observing relationships that come and go with young people discovering and missing each other.


Ashley PaterSB: Do you have any plans for the $1,000 prize, or do you think your parents will make you save it for school or something super boring (but very smart)? So, tell us how will you use it – and – how would you spend it?

AP: I think the responsible answer is “education” and normally that is what would happen with it, but right now my goal is to get a good camera so I can produce better quality videos.


SB: Are you the most popular girl in your school? We think so! But, tell us the truth.

AP: Most popular? Don’t know. I am in grade 8 which is the first grade in my high school (which goes up to grade 12) but I will say most people know who I am. I go to Fraser Heights Secondary School in Surrey and both the teachers and students are very supportive. They even display my performance posters on the school monitors for all to see.


Ashley PaterSB: If you had to trade places with your idol, who would it be? Who inspires you the most?

AP: I am a fan of Shawn Mendes and would love to open for him. Sabrina Carpenter is someone that is an inspiration to me. I love her songs, writing, and style.


SB: Where do you want to travel the most? What’s the most intriguing place in the world that just tickles your imagination?

AP: I love Toronto and would love to spend more time there but the place that “tickles” my imagination is Paris with NYC as a close second.


SB: Well, thank you again Ashley for sharing your amazing talent with us at StarBeat. We’re putting you on our list of amazing young artists to listen to and keep our close eye on. Keep on strumming lil’champ! Any special shout-outs?

AP: Thank you so much. It has been a great experience. I would love to give shout-outs to my friends, family, and fans. My guitar coach, Larry. My vocal coach, Shante. And my band – Tony Del. Big shout-out to Chris P, Uncle Kia & Aunt Vivian, and my parents – May and John who are always there for me.



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