At Home w/ Kyler Tapscott


Let’s check in with guitar aficionado Kyler Tapscott who has branched out on his own doing the singer songwriter thing to add to the guitar.


Kyler TapscottSB (StarBeat): Start-Up: When did you discover music and start playing the guitar?  

KT (Kyler Tapscott): I first started playing when I was maybe 7 or 8 and it just didn’t stick. After about 5 years of laying dormant I picked up a guitar (mostly because my older brother was starting to learn) with a vengeance and immediately fell in love with the instrument.  


SB: Up Front: How was it to start your solo singing career after being a band musician?

KT: I was really excited to explore that side of myself and put on a different hat, I’m not sure what took me so long. I love playing both roles as a sideman and a solo artist.


SB: At Home: Turns out many of us are at home a lot more right now – can you tell us about your new single ‘Home’?

KT: That’s a song that came to me in pieces. I think I was just strumming a Dadd11 (nerd alert) chord and that melody was just floating around my head. I gratefully stole a line about Amsterdam or Rome from Carey by Joni Mitchell and the song developed from there. The idea of just being able to go anywhere with someone was romantic to me. Some elbow grease and later some tasteful strings and voila, Home was a song.


Kyler Tapscott


SB: Genres: Does your music fit into a typical box or do you like to explore and combine different styles?

KT: I really listen to so many styles of music and it comes out in my writing, it’s a huge melting pot of influences. It wouldn’t be weird for me to write an upbeat motown(esk) song and also have a melancholy pop song with contemporary instrumentation in my bag of repertoire.


SB: Fresh Sheet: What music do you have coming up next?

KT: I just released a new single “Cloud 9” on all streaming platforms and I have 2 other songs  from my EP I will be releasing in the next coming months.


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