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Let’s get to know singer songwriter Audri who plays around with audio to create a special feel for each of her songs that may or may not always fit in to a particular genre.  



SB (StarBeat): Getting Started: How long have you been writing music?

A (Audri): I was so young when I started writing tunes and lyrics that I can’t say precisely. I started writing full songs when I taught myself piano in the 3rd grade. I wrote music casually throughout my childhood and started getting really serious at 18, when I decided I wanted to make music my career.


SB: Categories: What genre of music do you sing and write?

A: I get this question a lot, and it’s a hard one for me to answer. When I write, I don’t think about what kind of song I am going to create. When I start writing a song, I usually have a certain story and visual already in my head. From there, whatever sound fits that story is what I write. I’ve noticed most of my songs are somewhere in the pop realm, though.


SB: Videotapes: Why do you make YouTube videos?

A: I realized in order for people to hear my music, they’d have to know who I am. I thought the best way to build an audience was through YouTube and other social platforms. At first, I focused on covers, but got tired of singing songs just for views, so I started posting some of my back burner originals.

I’ve written a ton of songs, so the songs I’m posting on YouTube are ones I might not professionally record for a while. I didn’t know if anyone would care, since I am technically a nobody, haha, but people have been wildly more supportive than I could have imagined. It’s made posting a lot more fun for me, since I get to be more creative with my own work. Thank you to everyone who has been watching my videos. I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement. It really means the world to me.


SB: Next Steps: Do you have any new music coming out?

A: Yes! I am currently working on a 4-song EP. I will be releasing a single called “Welcome to The Unknown” in the next couple months. It’s been a little while since my first EP came out. This time around, I have taken full creative control. It takes longer, but I don’t have to rely on someone else to get sh*t done.

I found a great group of musicians (who you will all see very soon). They are beyond talented, and I am honored to have them as bandmates. I’m now my own producer and love being part of every process from start to finish. I can safely say that I have learned more in the past few months than I have in my entire life, haha. I think the songs I am working on now are 1000x better than anything I’ve released before.

I can’t wait for you all to hear!


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