Banging Pots w/ Bailey Walker


Let’s catch up with drummer Bailey Walker aka @BaileyDrummer from Australia who has a few different pots on the musical fire right now. He talks to us about new projects, the benefits of performing live and how he even picked up the drums in the first place.


SB (StarBeat): Introductions: How did you get into playing drums and how long ago did you start playing?

BD (@BaileyDrummer): In the 5th grade I was given a choice of whether to continue guitar with school and outside of that or try a new instrument (ie drums). To this day, picking to learn drums almost 11 years ago was the most important and valuable life decision I have ever made.


Bailey Walker


SB: Activities: Do you play in a band?

BD: Yes, I currently have two active bands since moving to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. With vibes from The Kooks, The Strokes and The California Honey Drops, I play drums, occasionally guitar and sing in The Sundowners (@sundownersband).

On a more rock/post grunge level, I also play drums in Total Radio Silence (@totalradiosilence).


Bailey WalkerSB: Benefits: What do you enjoy most about performing?

BD: Put simply, there is really nothing like playing your own tunes in front of a crowd of people who are all having a good time.

A mantra of mine is to share our good vibes and energy with the crowd when performing on stage.


SB: Workflow: Other than bands, do you have any other projects/collaborations in the works?

BD: Yes! Myself and my best mate (and most dedicated musical counterpart) Monte Gaffney have been working hard over the last two weeks to put together a few songs and a couple of self produced videos set for release in December and January; watch this space!


SB: Upcoming: So when’s your next gig?

BD: Crazily enough, my next gig is actually back down in Victoria where I’m playing drums for my mate and emerging hip hop artist, Mythic. So if you’re down south around the Melbourne suburbs, head to the Matthew Flinders Hotel on the 17th of January for Mythic’s EP Launch and support some Aussie talent!


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