The Bold Dance Moves of Bolt D’dancer



Let’s get to know this young, bold dancer with his own style – out of Africa.


Bolt D'dancer

SB (StarBeat): Quick Deets: What is your name? Where are you from?

BD (Bold D’dancer): I am Bolt D’dancer from Kenya.



SB: Resume: And what do you do?

BD: I am a dancer and a dance choreographer.


SB: Typecast: What genre of dance do you do?

BD: I do dancehall, hip hop and Afro….. I also do a mixture of hip hop and Afro… Or dancehall and hip hop…

plus a touch of my own unique style.


SB: Evolution of Dance: How has your dance style evolved since you started?

BD: My dance style has evolved immensely, I’m getting better deals from when I started…. and I’m also a workaholic in my dance….. but I still rate myself as a three out of ten.

Just to make sure and keep myself on my toes!


SB: Vision Board: Where do you get your dance inspiration from?

BD: I get my inspiration from things as simple as good weather to things as complicated as near-death experiences and relationships.

Bolt D'dancer


SB: Dream Duet: Who would you love to collaborate with?

BD: I’​d love to do a duet with Tricia Miranda she is sooo good.


Bolt D’dancer Social Links:



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