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StarBeat Magazine takes a second to chat with Georgia Box, an inspiring new voice out of the UK. 


SB (Starbeat): Easy one to start – How long have you been singing for?

GB (Georgia Box): Pretty much all of my life. I was told that I even sung before I talked, if that’s possible? I used to sit and watch stars in their eyes and know that it was singing I wanted to do. So from the age of 5 I started singing and never stopped!


SB: Expand Please – You have an amazing online following, how did this happen?

GB: I’ve always had a Facebook music page, which to start with stayed at around 200 followers for a few years. When I left college I decided to start taking this more seriously, so I started uploading a video every single week. I uploaded a video of ‘Chandelier’ by Sia at one point and that’s where things changed. It was my first video that gathered over a thousand likes, since then a few more of my videos went pretty crazy and my following has been growing ever since.


Georgia Box


SB: One Generic Q – What are your favourite types of music?

GB: I love most types of music apart from anything too heavy. My favourite would be commercial pop, but I do also LOVE a good ballad or country song!


SB: Let’s go back in time – Did you take music lessons since childhood? Do you have some interesting music stories from your life?

GB: Yes I did. I spent most of my childhood at Stagecoach doing group singing, but I also took a few one on one lessons. Interesting stories, that’s hard! I did a couple of operas at the Royal Opera House in London growing up, that’s pretty cool, right?


SB: Digging a little deeper – Can you tell us about yourself – hobby, interests, etc?Georgia Box

GB: I’m 22, from Essex. I’ve always been quite outgoing and like to enjoy life and not take things too seriously. Singing has always been my main passion, but I’ve also played football for quite a lot of my life. Playing for Colchester Ladies and also representing my county a few times. (Editor’s Note: This is soccer for anyone in North America).  

I love ANYTHING active or creative.



SB: Insight Time – Which other YouTuber inspires you the most?

GB: Even though he is no longer a YouTuber I ALWAYS used to watch Justin Bieber when he used to post his videos up. I think his story is amazing, how he was picked up from YouTube and is now in the place he is now. That’s massively inspiring.

(Editor’s Note – We are happy you enjoy Beiber – a great Canadian export!)


Georgia BoxSB: Dream Time – Which Disney animated character do you have the most in common with?

GB: Definitely Pocahontas. I’ve always been told I’m quite spiritual and carry wisdom when it comes down to helping others. I like to help other people and keep people happy. I’m also a MAJOR animal lover and always empathise with them, like she does. And of course, I love adventure and the outdoors!





SB: OK, now for the finale – Beauty Contest Question – If a genie allowed you to change three things in the world, what would you change and why?

GB: I would change the way that people see animals as beneath humans. I absolutely love animals and think they are so intelligent and loyal, we don’t give them enough credit and we need more people to be how they are!

I feel that anyone would say with this wish that we could cure poverty and allow everyone to live a stable life. So of course that, but also allow everyone to live in HAPPINESS. There are so many awful things that go on around the world and I just think it would be so amazing if everyone could get on and we could all live a happy, free life.

My third would be for the world to just be healthy. It’s awful that the state of the world can be in, and it’s sad how a lot of it can’t be changed. I would love for the world and everyone and thing in it to be healthy.


SB: Thank you so much for chatting with us Georgia!


– Georgia’s Social Links –Georgia Box


Facebook – https://en-gb.facebook.com/georgiaboxofficial/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/georgiaabox
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/georgiaboxofficial/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/ffootiegirl/videos




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