Boxing Up Beats w/ Spencer X


Let’s check out the beats that Spencer X is boxing up. Hailing from NYC this vocal artist produces amazing sounds you won’t believe come from just one person.


Spencer XSB (StarBeat): Tell us a little about yourself – Who are you and what do you do?

SX (Spencer X): My name is Spencer X and I am a Beatboxer. I produce music using my voice. All live. 100% vocals.


SB: Beginnings: When and how did you start beatboxing?

SX: I started beatboxing 10 years ago after a tennis rehearsal. My friend Scott came up to be and started beatboxing. I never heard anything like it before. I felt like I saw magic for the first time. I was in amazement. I went home and started right away. That always stayed with me and is why I do what I do today.


SB: Pinnacle: Most exciting accomplishment?

SX: Getting to work with The Filharmonic was probably one of my best experiences as a beatboxer. I was in a few A Cappella groups leading up to them and getting to travel and do shows with such an incredible group was eye opening and such humbling experience.


Spencer XSB: Top Dog: Who is your biggest inspiration?

SX: Myself. I always strive to better what I do and think of everyday. If I wasn’t living in a state of awe and passion I wouldn’t be doing this.


SB: Words: Any advice for aspiring beatboxer about there?

SX: Never give up. Trust in your ability. Dream big. Work hard. Be a patient.


SB: Future: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SX: Performing worldwide on tour. Spreading the love of the human voice everywhere.


Spencer X on Social: 

Instagram: @iamspencerx

Video Credit: Vera Kudryavtseva


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