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Candace Marie – Silky Smooth Tones From Markham, ON


SB (StarBeat): Congratulations on being on our All-Time StarBoard Candace! Super talented and super consistent, from start to finish, and $500 on top. So how do you invest or spend this, we’d love to know?

CM (Candace Marie): First off, thank you, StarBeat so much for this amazing opportunity! I’m planning on putting this money towards some better equipment and programs to help create better content for those watching!



SB: We’ll be watching for sure! What a soulful voice and a great cover song that you chose for this competition! Was this a no-brainer or a brain-teaser?

CM: Thank you again! You’re too kind! This has always been one of my favourite songs ever since l heard it a few years ago. It just has such a special and unique sound. I always think about the ones that I love while singing this as I find it brings a more genuine performance.


candace-marieSB: Are you also working on your original music?

CM: Yes, of course! Right now I’m collaborating with multiple different artists, so stay tuned for that! But I’m also happy to say that there are a few songs in the works where you’ll just be hearing me!


SB: Snap… dragged to karaoke off the street? Now, on stage 3… 2… (this mic smells kinda funny but you’ve got no choice). And the song that will turn the bar upside down when you start singing & DANCING is… followed up with a mandatory knock-knock joke so you can leave the stage, afterwards? 1…

CM: Oh no! I’m always so bad at these! Okay, well, I’d have to go with the classic “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston! As for my favourite knock knock joke…

Knock, Knock!
*Who’s there?* *Oh no get this girl off the stage*
*Candace who?*
Candace door be opened???


candace-marieSB: That’s when we throw you out and stay “stick with music”. (But actually, deep down, that was still better than a Netflix special I saw last night.) All seriousness aside, you seem to sing about love a lot. Is that a wish, infection or dedication?

CM: Haha, I think love is a universal feeling for anybody around the world to understand. Whether it be a family love, romance or even the love you share with your pets and food, any and everybody can understand it and relate to it in some way. It also gives the opportunity for the audience to create their own stories that follow along with what I’m singing. I could be singing about one thing, and somebody else can interpret it in a whole other way completely unique to themselves!


SB: On that note, what are the 3 things you absolutely could not live without? And please avoid the obvious ones like oxygen, food, Game of Thrones…. Surprise us, but be honest & unique.

CM: Haha good question! Well, music obviously fits into my Top 3. My animals have to be part of my life as well. Lastly, it may be cheesy, but my friends and those who support me.


SB: Why do you gotta be like that? Always sweet & stuff. What bad axe artist, band or performer, alive or hologram, would you give your left kidney to duet with? (Assuming you have not already, of course).

CM: Anybody who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for anything Jared Leto. To duet with him would LITERALLY be the best thing that’d ever happen to me. And if you’re seeing this Jared, let’s make it happen!


SB: StarBeat’ers – start tagging him up and spraypainting his wall. Enough with the lovey-dovey stuff. What’s the one celeb that grinds your gears? C’mon, we just need to know!

CM: Oh no, please don’t hate me after this! But it’s not that I hate this celeb, but… Will Ferrell?…… I I’m not a fan of his movies and comedy… Sorry Will… Sorry All! He made me do it! (She points at a really good looking interview dude who just bought green hair dye on Amazon Prime & chose drone drop-off option.)



SB: Finally, we’ve got some dirt. Candace Marie! Sweet, soulful and sassy. Thank you for sharing your amazing voice with us! Any special peeps that you’d like to immortalize in this permanent digital transcript?

CM: First of all, a huge thank you to everyone at School of Rock Markham for giving me the courage to sign up and helping me out with my video. Even though I said “I probably won’t win!” they believed in me, which I appreciate that so so much.
I’d also like to give a huge thank you to all of my friends for giving me support and love and being there whenever I need it. Without them, I wouldn’t have the confidence to sing at all!

Lastly, anyone that voted for me, I thank you SO much! I literally wouldn’t have been able to get this far without you. Thank you so much for enjoying something that I put my heart and soul into, every time I sing. If i could, I’d give you all a hug!



SB: High-five Candy Canada!

(Hmmm, she doesn’t know what I am thinking right now, but she’ll be invited to our International Talent Competition. We’re still putting it together and we’ll be heading to the Philippines next. Yeah, just it play cool, don’t smile. All business. Scribble a note or something official.)

Thanks again Ms. Candace Marie. We sincerely appreciate your participation.

(Don’t smile, don’t smile.)




Candace Marie StarBeat Links

StarBeat Profile: Candace Marie | https://starbeat.tv/users/view/4572
Audience Fav (video): https://starbeat.tv/videos/view/202
Top Talent in Canada Winners: https://starbeat.tv/blogs/view/50/it-s-official-the-top-talent-of-canada-is


Candace Marie Social Channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CandaceMarieMusic/
Instagram: candace_marie__
Hashtag: #CandaceMarie



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