Catching Time w/ Meghan Timony


We are getting to catch up with singer Meghan Timony who was featured on StarBeat for the first time in 2017 and has continued to expand her musical career since then.  Her latest single drops today so let’s find out more about her journey the last couple of years.



SB (StarBeat): Updates: We last chatted with you in 2017, how have you been since then?

MT (Meghan Timony):  I’ve been doing really well! I moved out to Los Angeles about a year back,  have been studying music here and networking with lots of other artists, as well as growing in my sound and figuring out what kind of music I really want to make!


SB: #TBT: Back then you told us your top artist was SZA, who are you vibing with currently?

MT: Currently I’m vibing the most with H.E.R. Every one of her songs is so dope, I love her style.


SB: Growth Chart: How has your music evolved in the last couple of years?

MT: My music has definitely evolved over the past few years. I think I’m really learning to be more vulnerable with my music, and truly say what I feel. With the experiences I’ve had, and situations I’ve gone through I want to make music that people can relate to, if I can help one person get through what they’re going through then that’s all I could ask for.



SB: Fresh Sheet: Your new single ‘Tell Me Lies’ comes out on today, can you tell us about it?

MT: So this song is an upbeat pop track with EDM influence. I worked on it with the amazing “Toniia” from Germany. He and I came together to come up with a fun and light track perfect for summer!


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