Into the Storm w/ Tenise Marie

Let’s check in with singer, songwriter Tenise Marie whose connection to nature and place comes through in her music and created the conditions for her first album ‘Storm’.    SB (StarBeat): Fresh: 2021 brought about your debut album ‘Storm’. Can you tell us a bit about how it came together? TM (Tenise Marie): In the […]

Lyrical Ride w/ Lenny

Let’s go on a lyrical ride with artist Lenny who hails from British Columbia but has now found herself a part of the musical community in Montreal, Canada. Her experiences shape what she writes about and her latest EP ‘Personal Celebrity’ is a reflection of our current times. Let’s find out more about her musical […]

500 Days w/ Milan André Boronell

How long does it take for an album to come together? For Milan André Boronell’s latest project it was 500 days which also became the title of the album that was produced.  Let’s find out more about that process and the music that came out of it.   SB (StarBeat): Style: Your music includes fingerstyle […]

Musical Pride w/ Stella Prince

Today we get to hear from Stella Prince who is one to watch when it comes to the singer songwriter genre.  She has a new holiday song out just in time to put you in a festive mood.  Let’s find out more about her journey so far.   SB (StarBeat): Intro Time: A quick introduction […]

Royal Road w/ Greg Rider

Let’s find out more about the road that Greg Rider took to be the country artist he is today, and find out more about his fresh new single ‘We Ain’t Royal’.   SB (StarBeat): Profile: Can we get a super quick bio and your Nashville story? GR (Greg Rider): For sure, so I’m originally from […]

Little Bit Country w/ Big City Lights

Let’s take a minute to chat with the country band Big City Lights and find out about their new single, how they came to be and what they think about the summer festival series.   SB (StarBeat): Formation: Is it true that the good ol’ Internet brought you guys together? BCL (Big City Lights):  Yes, […]

In Tune w/ West Street Children

Let’s check in with the band West Street Children who just came in 2nd place in the Top Talent BC competition presented by Starbeat.  We find out more about their music style, top song picks and what else they have coming up.   SB (StarBeat): Styles: How would you describe the music you typically create? […]

Sing-Song w/ Brendan Scott Friel

Let’s chat with singer, songwriter Brendan Scott Friel who hails from a border town and creates music that is on the border of folk, but in the end it’s just his music.  Find out how he puts an album together, and where he has enjoyed performing lately.     SB (StarBeat): The Beginning:  How did […]

Sliding In w/ Ark Woods

Let’s check in with funk / rapper Ark Woods on his unique sound, what he wants to convey in his music and his new song ‘Slide On You’ streaming soon.     SB (StarBeat): Your music seems very ‘smooth’ – What’s the musical vibe you’re going for? AW (Ark Woods): I don’t think I’m really […]

Springtime Fresh Music Friday

Need some fresh music to stream while you are walking through the spring blossoms? Well check out the new stuff from the StarBeat’ers below-   Let’s start with an original release from Denis Coleman called ‘Tangerine’. In his words ‘I wrote Tangerine about the truth that comes out in the night. After a certain hour, […]

Rolling On w/ Dany Laj and the Looks

Let’s take a look and and have some fun with the retro rock & roll vibe of Dany Laj and the Looks and ask the hard questions about which instrument is top dog and does Canadian rock & roll even exist.   SB (StarBeat): Quick Start: Who is Dany and what are the Looks? DLL […]

In the Know w/ Capri Everitt

Checking in with breakout artist Capri Everitt on being a West Coaster, her new song ‘U Know’ and about the future of performing live once again.   SB (StarBeat): West Coast Girl: From Vancouver to LA do you vibe mostly with the West Coast lifestyle? CE (Capri Everitt): I think yes the West Coast lifestyle […]