The Winner of TUS1 is…

The Winner of TUS1 is…

    And, The Winner of TUS1 is… MIKE OSTERMAN   Congrats Mike! Super consistent performance in all 3 Rounds – from start to finish. Well deserved!!! You scoop our TUS1 Online Title in style and feel free to add another tat to your collection… (A very fitting profile pic BTW!)     Round 3 […]

Concrete Wave Rocks!

  Special thanks to Concrete Wave Magazine Team for being an integral part of The Ultimate Skateboarder 1.   Hey Freestylers, give’em some props & shoutouts!       Freestyle Perfect Contest Guns     Zen of Freestyle – 1 Zen of Freestyle – 2 Zen of Freestyle – 3     Vancouver Artifacts Surf […]

TUS1 – Round 2 Results Are In…Presenting the Top 10!

    The Round 2 Peer Voting results are in! Thank you to everyone who contributed their votes, it was a great turnout.     TUS Round 2: Top 10 Qualifiers by Peer Voting (by Alphabetical Order)     Cristobal Bahamonde Nick Beaulieu    Connor Burke Sean Burke Masahiro Fujii   Yuta Fujii   Kilian […]

TUS 1 – Round 1 Official Results Top 20

  And… Here are the official results!   TUS Round 1: Top 20 Qualifiers by Audience Voting (Jul 1st – Aug 8, 2017) Place Points Contestant Country 1 44.18M   Jesse Whalen   USA  2 32.91M   Mike Osterman   USA 3 26.59M   Kilian Martin   Spain  4 24.00M   Matt Smithies   England 5 23.17M   Cristobal Bahamonde   Chile 6  20.20M […]

The Ultimate Skateboarder: Round 1 Complete!

  Hey Contestants – Round 1 is Now Complete! The Ultimate Skateboarder Online Voting Phase is Finished! Thank you to all the amazing contestants for this inaugural contest.  Top 20 Highest Points Earners will move on to Round 2 – where every participating contestant is eligible to vote as a guest judge.   Here are […]

The Ultimate Skateboarder: Week 4 Update

  Week 4 Action – Keep Kickin’ it Up! Hey Contestants: Important Update from Week 3! We decided to make things more interesting as we enter the last stretch. Originally, Top 30 qualified to Round 2, but we’ll shake it up just a bit and tighten the Round 1 to Top 20 Qualifiers. However, since […]

Hey Contestants! We’re LIVE… and here is THE HOW!

  Well, Hey There!  You’ve waited long enough! Let’s get right into it.   Step 1 – Get the Big Picture first on The Ultimate Skateboarder News Central. This is where you’ll find out what’s up and who’s down with this. Read the Contest Overview… All new contestants will be featured, in chronological order.    […]

The Ultimate Skateboarder – Week 3 Update

  Week 3 Action – Shakin’ it Up! Hey Contestants: Important Update! We just decided to make things more interesting as we enter the last stretch. Originally, Top 30 qualified to Round 2 and we presently have 32 contestants. So we’ll shake it up just a bit and tighten the Round 1 to Top 20 […]

The Ultimate Skateboarder: Week 2 Update

  The Week 2 of the Ultimate Skateboarder 1 Rocked! You’ve already unlocked 10 countries on 5 continents. Check it out: https://starbeat.tv/the-world-of-freestyle/     Week 2 Snapshot Country Contestants United States 9 Canada 4 Japan 4 Chile 2 England 2 Poland 2 Spain 2 Poland 2 Australia 1 Norway 1     The quality of the […]
The Ultimate Skateboarder: Week 1 Update!

The Ultimate Skateboarder: Week 1 Update!

  Thank you to all our amazing contestants that entered The Ultimate Skateboarder 1… in Week 1! You flatground pioneers, look what you’ve done: https://starbeat.tv/the-world-of-freestyle/     The quality of the submissions is simply – SPECTACULAR! We love your creativity, locations and strategy… as you know, this is a 3-Stage Contest and here’s a refresher: https://starbeat.tv/ultimate-skateboarder-1-scoring/ Note that Scoring […]
The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Scoring

The Ultimate Skateboarder – Starts July 1st Midnight UTC!

    GET READY – CONTEST STARTS IN JUST HOURS! Entries Accepted Starting July 1, 12:00:01am UTC Check UTC Global Times   The World Round-Up & StarBeat present  THE ULTIMATE SKATEBOARDER 1 This is the largest freestyle skateboarding contest of its kind! It’s open to anyone in the world for over a month, 200+ countries […]

Interview with Canadian Freestyler Kris Abramovic

  Hippie Mike interviews Canadian freestyler – Kris Abramovic – at the World Round Up 2017 Freestyle Championships in May 2017. More about Kris: http://www.theworldroundup.com/kristopher-abramovic-2/