Kunie Inaba
Art in Coffee w/ Kunie Inaba

Art in Coffee w/ Kunie Inaba

Kunie Inaba has turned coffee to art and recently won Top Latte Artist in Vancouver. Let’s find out more about how she got started, and what goes in to the perfect cup.   SB: Fresh Brew: When did you get started in the barista world? KI (Kunie Inaba): It was 5 years ago. When platform7 […]
Top Latte Artist in Vancouver
Winner of Top Latte Artist in Vancouver

Winner of Top Latte Artist in Vancouver

StarBeat presented the Live Finals of the Top Latte Artist in Vancouver contest Friday night at Kafka’s Coffee Shop on the Emily Carr campus. The event was sponsored by ECM, Breville, Canadian Barista Academy, Barista Canada, Storm Brewing, Agro Roasters, and Kafka’s Coffee. 16 competitors battled it out in front of 5 expert judges and a […]
StarBeat Presents: Top Latte Artist Vancouver

StarBeat Presents: Top Latte Artist Vancouver

This post is being redirected to /latte-art/ by Steve.     Top Latte Artist in Vancouver has Begun! Just 1st is finally here and the Top Latte Artist in Vancouver contest has officially begun. With open entries happening from today until July 21st we are excited to see who will enter and who will make […]
The World Round Up 2018 Wrap Up

The World Round Up 2018 Wrap Up

A great weekend was had by everyone at The World Round Up 2018. Amazing Freestyle Skateboard tricks were on display by the Pros and Amateurs alike. Check out the recap below.   If you missed the event don’t worry you can watch all the runs here – http://skateboarding.starbeat.tv/videos   Amateurs Winning Lineup  Standings 1 – Yuzuki […]
The Winner of TUS1 is…

The Winner of TUS1 is…

    And, The Winner of TUS1 is… MIKE OSTERMAN   Congrats Mike! Super consistent performance in all 3 Rounds – from start to finish. Well deserved!!! You scoop our TUS1 Online Title in style and feel free to add another tat to your collection… (A very fitting profile pic BTW!)     Round 3 […]
freestyle skateboarding contest overview

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Overview

  The World Round-Up & StarBeat present  THE ULTIMATE SKATEBOARDER 1 This is the largest freestyle skateboarding contest of its kind! It’s open to anyone in the world for over a month, 200+ countries & unlimited contestants!     Quick Overview This is an Online Freestyle Flatground Skateboarding Contest: No age limits, open to anyone – […]
freestyle skateboarding contest rules

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Rules

  Contest Rules This contest is open to all worldwide freestyle (flatground) skateboarders.  Here are the Official Contest Rules and Regulations.   Key Details This is an international online contest arena. One video submission/entry per contestant. Compile and submit your best highlights: >60-second entries will qualify for scoring! The expert judges are guaranteed to watch the first […]
freestyle skateboarding contest entries

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Entries

  How To Enter Now   Sign Up   –   Log In   –   Fetch Vid    Quick Submission Guide   After you enter the contest – share your official URL with family, friends & fans. Tip: URL is in the address bar – you can copy & paste as you like!
freestyle skateboarding contest overview

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Prizes

The Official Prizes for The Ultimate Skateboarder 1 will be awarded to the Top 10 Finalists (after a 3-stage scoring system).   Official Standings/Prizes Overview  
freestyle skateboarding contest overview

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Scoring

  The Ultimate Skateboarder 1 Online Contest will apply 3-Stage Scoring System: Stage 1 (Jul 1st to August 8th, 2017): Online Audience Popularity Voting for Top 20 Qualifiers Stage 2 (Aug 9th to 14th): Peer Voting for Top 10 Finalists Stage 3 (Aug 15th & 16th) – Expert Panel Scoring The Top 10 Official Standings […]
freestyle skateboarding contest sponsors

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Sponsors

  We’re on it! We’re building the shop & stocking the shop!!! Check in again.           And Hey: If you know brands – that should know about this – you know what to do.