Hey Contestants! We’re LIVE… and here is THE HOW!

  Well, Hey There!  You’ve waited long enough! Let’s get right into it.   Step 1 – Get the Big Picture first on The Ultimate Skateboarder News Central. This is where you’ll find out what’s up and who’s down with this. Read the Contest Overview… All new contestants will be featured, in chronological order.    […]
Quick Tip: Get more votes using your Social Networks!

Community Tip: How to get more votes + StarBeat contest points!

  Hey StarBeat contestants! Here is a cool tip for getting the most votes. If you have a Youtube or Vimeo account, you can shoot a quick selfie video and instantly notify all your fans that you are in a StarBeat contest. Put your audition link in the description, and when you upload the video, […]

Make Your Social Networks – Work for YOU!

You spent years making your followings in dozens of media format-centric networks. These are some amazing social communication tools! But there are so many of them, and they don’t play so nice with each other. That’s where we work together in raising the spotlight and the stage to the next level on StarBeat.tv.   Now’s […]

How To Vote – Help Video

  How To Vote   1. Login (top right) – Note: you must first sign up and confirm your account.   2. Select Videos that you want to rate.   3. Watch the video & note the green slider on the right.   4. Drag the slider up or down to assign your score. (Community score […]

How to Get More Points!

  Our point scoring is based on our proprietary Mass Audience Popularity Score™ [MAPS™ System] – where the Audience has the ultimate power to chose their favorite social stars.   How It Works The rating slider allows our StarBeat Audience to tell us what they like, but more importantly how much they like it. First, sign up & […]

Contest Tags: Best Way to Get Discovered!

When you submit your contest entries, please enter these codes in the Tags field of the video fetching tool.   MANDATORY BALLOT TAGS: SBCANADA17 & YOURCITY   First, be sure to geotag your video upload with the official contest entry ballots.   For example: sbcanada17, yourcity     PRO TIP: OPTIONAL TAGS   For those that are […]