Channelling Music w/ Charlotte Hannah


StarBeat had a chance to chat with Charlotte Hannah from the UK on her cover videos, what inspires her and if she’s working on any new music. 


SB (StarBeat): Intro: How did you get started singing and posting to YouTube?

CH (Charlotte Hannah): I have sang for as long as I can remember, I used to create little concerts at home singing to my Family. However, it was at age 7 that I decided to attend a Musical Theatre Group and start performing on stage. At this age I was really really shy, it wasn’t till I started singing lessons at age 10 and performed in quite a few shows that my confidence grew and I took centre stage. I then went on to study music ever since.

I started posting videos on YouTube inspired by the late Christina Grimmie. She was one of the first inspirations I ever had in music, and I related to her as we both sang and played the piano. I was watching Christina sing on YouTube when I had the realisation that I wanted to make covers just like she did. So I started. Further YouTube inspirations of mine are the likes of Pentatonix and Samantha Harvey.


Charlotte Hannah


SB: Cover Time: How do you pick covers to post? Do you follow a schedule?

CH: Yes I do follow a schedule. I always upload to YouTube on Friday (3pm UK Time) and Sunday (11am UK Time) so when it comes to filming my covers – I simply work around this. The covers I upload will either be songs from the UK Charts or requests that I have been sent. I love singing songs that are personal to people, it makes me so happy that they want me to sing a song for them!


Charlotte HannahSB: Influencers: What type of artists have inspired you?

CH: First and foremost, one particular singer who has inspired me throughout my teenage years is Ariana Grande. I supported her way before she even aired on Nickelodeon. I just loved her girly, bubbly down to earth personality when she made YouTube videos, and of course her music and voice are phenomenal.  I believe she portrays just the right sweetness and sass and I hope I can reflect this in my own music too.  

Other Artists who have influenced me and my music over the years are Michael Jackson, Adele, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears to name a few, haha.


SB: Unique: Are you working on your own music? Do you write songs?

CH: YES I am working on my own music !!!! I have been writing songs my whole life. However I wrote my first  ‘proper song’ (e.g. with chords and a structure) at age 13 when my best friend and I fell out. I sat at the piano, and when I finished I was like “hmm, that felt good”.  (Songwriting for me is like therapy – a time to pour out any particular thought or emotion I feel in that moment.)

So my passion for songwriting began…

I am currently working on my Debut EP with Tom Barker and Eliot Kennedy at Steelworks Studios. The EP’s sound is uplifting and will make you want to dance!! However it covers all topics such as first love and heartbreak, where you will learn a little more about me. The EP will be released in the near future, make sure you follow my social media’s to keep updated.

Charlotte Hannah


SB: You on Music: What is one thing you love about using YouTube as your platform?

CH: The community. It overwhelms me every single day when I see new comments of support and love. The People on YouTube generally enjoy music and love hearing covers. The people that support me are the most wonderful individuals that I consider my friends.


SB: Bonus: What 3 things would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?

CH: My Cat Gisy, my Journal and a pen of course… unless my journal was in a ‘set’ that came with a pen and then I’d also take my phone.


Charlotte on Social:

Snapchat: Charlottehmusic

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