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StarBeat recently presented the Top Latte Artist in Vancouver online qualifiers and Sua Hong finished at the top spot for the online competition.  Today we check in with Sua about the Barista life as she gets ready for the Live Finals on Sept 21st where the Top 16 online qualifiers will compete for a top prize of $2500.


SB (StarBeat): Warm Up: When did you start your Barista journey?

Sua: In 2005 I was looking for part time job. Any job.. Friend was a manager at Caffe Artigiano, Hastings. Told me I should apply and I did. Started the very next week and that was that.  I started at the Kerrisdale location.


Latte Art


SB: Double Shot: What is one best thing and one worst thing about being a Barista?

Sua: Best: Everything is fun. making coffee, making friends, experiencing life through coffee.
Worst thing – physically draining. legs, shoulder, back, neck, wrist


Sua Hong


SB: No Foam: Are baristas ever annoyed by super complex orders, or is it more of a challenge?

Sua: Annoyed and challenging – BOTH!!  But at the end of the day, I am there to provide the service they expect.  What they request might not make sense in my head but I try to make it for them.  Once I build relationship with that customer, that is when I start to suggest different coffee/beverages.  If it is something completely off menu, I refuse and offer alternative.
These days, I dont see many customers with such orders.  


Sua HongSB: Latte Art: Did you have a plan for your video submission to the Latte Art contest or did you wing it?

Sua: Thought it would be fun to take part in but I was bit nervous to do so since I don’t pour much anymore.  When I heard about Cole and Yaz are taking part, that is when I decided to make submission.


SB: Finale: Any fancy tricks in your cup for the Live Latte Art Finals coming up on Sept 21st?

Sua: No Fancy trick.  I’d be happy if I can steam my milk beautifully and pour something that I can be proud of.


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