Community Tip: How to get more votes + StarBeat contest points!


Hey StarBeat contestants! Here is a cool tip for getting the most votes.

If you have a Youtube or Vimeo account, you can shoot a quick selfie video and instantly notify all your fans that you are in a StarBeat contest. Put your audition link in the description, and when you upload the video, the notification will be sent to all your subscribers. And if you don’t need the video later, just delete it.

That’s it. Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… You know the rest!


Ok, and for you younger contestants, here is an example of what that video may look like.


Hey Guys, it’s Sunny! 

I just want to let you know that I am in a StarBeat contest and it would be amazing if you can help me win.

Just vote for me on my StarBeat contest page.

Check out my links below or find me on!

Thanks Guys!!!


That’s it, be creative and make your social networks work for you!

Ideas, questions, tips… give us a shout at


And for you pro contestants… check this out:



For more info, also check out this post!



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