Congratulations NABEEL MOHAN! Top Talent in Vancouver!


Congratulations Nabeel on a stellar effort, your video Headspin came out as the number one choice when the Top Talent in Vancouver competition closed at 9pm last night.


Nabeel’s Prize: $1,000 & huge congrats!


Also a very honourable mention to Julian Jayme who led in the early days and really pushed Nabeel as the competition was winding down.  We have once again decided to offer the $250 prize for second place, congratulations Julian.

Hanna, you dance wonderfully and we really hope you come back and try again.  After all, last months winner was Allison, another very talented dancer.

It’s been an amazing week, we are just thrilled to see the amount of talent right here in our own backyard and are already looking forward to the next competition, so stay tuned.

This was another open category competition, coming soon we will be starting competitions for specific talents.

The final standings for the top three after our scoring review were:

2,382,409 – Headspin
1,636,885 – Peaceful
1,292,678 – Hanna Solo

Thanks Everyone,
The StarBeat Team




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