Contest Winner Interview: Nazarina Jose – The Philippines


SB (StarBeat): Firstly congratulations on winning StarBeat’s Top Talent in the Philippines Contest. How does it feel?

NJ (Nazarina Jose): Thank you so much! It was my first competition ever so it feels pretty good to win something. Being an introvert, this is actually a pretty big accomplishment for me but I’m happy I got to share my art and skills with tons of people. It was a fun experience.


SB: Floral Felt Afro was quite a piece of work! I know the video was running fast but how long did it actually take to put the whole thing together?

NJ: The time-lapse video made it seem so quick but it actually took an entire day, from preparation to completion. My sister Remy, who is a videographer, came over to help film the process (I don’t own a camera) so I had to be efficient with my time. I’m usually a pretty laid back person but this time I challenged myself to work faster and better. It was also my first time making flowers out of felt fabric so that was fun… not! As you can see in the video, I burned my finger. But yeah, pressure really gets the work done.


SB: What was Floral Felt Afro supposed to represent – can you give us a clue?

NJ: The artwork was inspired by friend named Charné. She’s one of the nicest persons I met when I first visited Australia last year… and oh man I fell in love with her hair, haha! And I thought how sick would her afro look, covered in flowers. Hence, the floral afro.


SB: Aside from friends and their hair, where do you draw your inspirations from?

NJ: Sometimes it’s from other artists, mostly indie artists like Tuesday Bassen. But to be honest most of my inspirations come from anyone or anything that makes me smile or laugh, and often from random people I find on Instagram or meet in person. If I love their style or color set, I’ll draw them or create something inspired by them. I also draw things that I can’t afford to buy! XP


SB: From looking at your online profiles, I know that sewing is not the only kind of creativity you indulge in. Can you share with us a bit about the other kinds of work you do? 

NJ: Sure – I do a lot of drawing. I usually draw with black ink on paper or paint on Photoshop. I’m always itching to try new things so you’ll probably notice some inconsistencies with my art and style – I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. Every artist’s work is constantly evolving. Like right now I’m teaching myself to embroider. My next project will be stamp carving.


SB: Wow, so you’re all over the map then! Where do you plan on taking your career in the arts?

NJ: To be honest, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet but this year I’m aiming to expand my work by doing more collaborative projects with indie artists. Right now I’m in the process of starting an online shop for my handmade pieces. But from there? Who knows where it will go!


SB: So this prize money, what’s the plan on spending it? Is that rude to ask?

NJ: Haha – yes it is. I plan on sharing the prize money with my family and my best friend Jam – she edited my video and feeds me when I’m broke. I’m also going to donate an amount to Project Pearls—a non-profit organization in the Philippines that helps unfortunate children get out of poverty. The rest will be used for new art supplies.


SB: Nice one. So before we round this interview off – are there any final shoutouts you’d like to give?

NJ: I want to thank my family who’ve always been so supportive of me, and Jam who spent two sleepless nights editing my video. It was her first time using Adobe Premiere so she was learning while editing, and being a perfectionist at the same time… she still had to go to work the next day. She’s pretty awesome. Oh and of course her mom, Jury, for making sure our bellies were full. My boyfriend Zeek who is constantly rooting for me (sup babe!) and the Power family. I also want to thank friends and family in Philippines, the Middle East, USA, Australia, and Kuwait friends who are spread out around the world. It’s so humbling to know they genuinely appreciate and love what I create. Big love for you all.


SB: Thanks so much for your time Nazarina. All the best – we’ll be keeping a close eye on your work from now on!

NJ: Thank you, and thanks to the entire StarBeat team. Bye for now! 




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