Hey Contestants! We’re LIVE… and here is THE HOW!


Well, Hey There! 

You’ve waited long enough! Let’s get right into it.


Step 1 – Get the Big Picture first on The Ultimate Skateboarder News Central.

This is where you’ll find out what’s up and who’s down with this. Read the Contest Overview

All new contestants will be featured, in chronological order. 



Step 2 – Let’s Roll… Contest Entries.

This is where the competition will take place: The Ultimate Skateboarder 1 Arena.

This is your step-by-step guide How the Enter.


Experienced Users – in a nutshell:

A. Sign Up, confirm your email, and Sign In — or — head to Skateboarding.StarBeat.tv and look for the links on top right of the page.

B. Upload your 1+ min freestyle flatground video – best routine or compilation highlights – to YouTube or Vimeo.
Tip: If you set privacy to Public, inform your users in the description where to vote – include your contest link. If you set it Private, use your social channels and notifications and more users will view it on your StarBeat page (and less confusion where to vote). Or, try both and see what works for you best.

C. Fetch (pull) the Video Link from above — or — use the Site Menu — or — “Enter Contest” button on top right of the page. Fill out the details, description, country and press “Enter Contest” button. That’s it. You’re officially in.



Step 3 – Daily Voting

The Rating Card Slider – is to the right of the video. You must be registered, logged in and drag the slider up or down!

One vote per day, per user. All registered users can vote, including contestants. If the politicians can vote for themselves – so can you!

The latest vote is the one that counts, (depends what you see out there) – so you can change your mind as many times as you like.

If you downvote your fellow contestants, no prob – they’ll see you in the next round. Remember: “Survivor” the TV show, or any other Reality TV elimination format. Everyone that enters as a Contestant in Round 1 is eligible to be the Judge in Round 2! 

If you cheat, and we’ll catch it: 3X the penalty points – you lose your legit points and you let down the fans that backed you. You are in a public contest arena with respected peers and expert panel, that would not reflect nicely on you, your fans – nor this awesome sport! 

Let’s use this new platform and spotlight to grow Freestyle into a global phenomenon it deserves to be! Share this with your family, friends and fans. Let’s make some noise, the good kind of course, for the best!


Still Need Help?

No prob, we got you!

Here is more info on The Ultimate Skateboarder News Central.

Drop us a line and let us know – we’re on it. We’ll build up FAQ’s around your needs and interests.


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