Dare to Dream w/ Halston Dare


From a young age Halston Dare had the dream to be a singer and performer and has brought that dream to reality and then some. She has a true connection with her fans and shares many aspects of her personality with them through all her social channels.  Let’s find out more about Halston, her music, her message to her fans and her extra-curricular activities.


Halston DareSB (StarBeat): Early Start: It seems that music and performing picked you from a young age. When did you start to pursue it seriously?

HD (Halston Dare): I started pursuing music and performing around the age of 11. I started vocal lessons and started going to open mics around age 13!


SB: Written Word: What compelled you to start writing your own songs and music?

HD: It was always a natural born thing for me to do. I’ve been writing since I can remember.

I don’t even think I even realized I was becoming a song writer and poet, but I would write about my feelings and the most deepest parts of my memories.


SB: Well Rounded: You connect with your fans on many levels – music, beauty, fashion, lifestyle.  Does that feel more authentic for you than just sharing your music?

HD: It makes me feel so much more authentic knowing that I can connect with my fans on such a bigger level than just music.

I even consider a lot of my fans like friends, which makes them mean a lot to me!


SB: Messenger: What types of messages do you want to portray to your fans?

HD:  I always want to portray a message that you are beautiful and unique and special in every single way. Society and social media makes us want to mold our minds to be something that we are not, and I just want to remind everyone that we are beautiful just the way we are!


Halston DareSB: Day Off: What might we find you doing off the stage and outside of the studio?

HD: When I am not in the studio or on stage, I’m usually writing with my piano in my bedroom, watching the latest make up and fashion YouTube tutorials, shopping, working out or hanging out with my best girlfriends!


Halston on Social:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HalstonDare/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/halstondare/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/halstondare


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