Diamonds in the Rough – Meet Diamond Dixie Duo!




SB (StarBeat): From the Top – How did you get started in music?

DD (Diamond Dixie): Our dad always played music in high school so we picked up guitar at a young age. When I (Gabriela) was about 9 years old, I tried out for my school’s talent show and made it past the audition and onto the actual show. I remember getting off stage and telling my dad that music is what I wanted to do. Then my younger sister (Bianca) also fell in love with playing music.

Editor’s Note: It is always the younger sister copying the older one!


Diamond DixieSB: Delving Deeper – Who is Diamond Dixie?

DD: We are a country duo from Orlando, FL. We’re sisters but not twins — hahaha!  


Editor’s Note: You could have fooled us.  You must get mistaken for twins a lot!


SB: Get to the Music – What instruments do you play?

DD: Gabriela: I play guitar and mandolin. Guitar is my main instrument but I enjoy mandolin too.

Bianca: The banjo is my main instrument but I also play guitar.


Diamond DixieSB: Break Time – What do you like to do in your free time?

Gabriela: I love to go to the movies with friends. It’s so weird because I don’t like watching movies but going to the movie theater is fun!

I also like surfing and even reading…depends on the book haha

Bianca: I like to play music, watch Friends and hang outside.


SB: Inspire Us – Who are your musical influences?

DD: Our musical influences are Miranda Lambert, Dixie Chicks, Patsy Cline and Taylor Swift.

Editor’s Note: That’s a pretty good playlist if you ask me!


SB: Back to the Future – Where do you see Diamond Dixie in 10 years?

DD: In 10 years from now, we want to be writing more songs, releasing more music, and playing arenas and stadiums!


Diamond Dixie


SB: Beauty Pageant Question – If you could perform with another artist of any genre, dead or alive, who would it be?

DD: Gabriela: DEFINITELY Steven Tyler! He seems like such a cool person and his energy on stage is off the charts amazing. I feel like even if I gave it my all, he would still manage to “show me up”.

Bianca: I would love to play with Elvis because he is one of the greats and his energy is really good on stage.


SB: Thanks for the chat girls! We will be looking for you at the stadium in 2027!


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