Diving In w/ Modern Whale


Published songwriter, guitarist and record producer Robbie G. is now putting his personal music first with the project Modern Whale, adding bassist Rocky Russo and drummer Kerel Lacy to his guitar for live performances. Let’s find out more about this new project, with the video and EP from their newest single ‘Dead Wrong’ set to be released soon.


Modern WhaleSB (StarBeat): Write It: Robbie, you have produced and written for many popular indie artists.  Which affected your personal work and how?

MW (Modern Whale): Producing and writing w/different artists has very much affected my personal work! Working alongside others provides alternate ways of doing things, inspiration and perspective that ultimately morphs into my own day to day. There are many people who come to mind, the list is very long and to choose only a few people would be a disservice to a lifetime of those who have filled my proverbial sails with wind.


SB: Location: Do you prefer being in the studio or onstage?

MW: I enjoy the studio experience but I love being on stage. There is nothing quite like connecting w/the audience and having a shared experience together.


SB: Play It: Do you prefer performing your material or that of others?

MW: I prefer to play the material that comes from me creatively speaking but I still enjoy performing the material of others. My opinion would slightly change if a great influence like Jimmy Page wanted me to play one of his songs with him. So, Mr. Page if you’re reading this I’d be happy to play anything new or old from your catalog. LOL.


Modern Whale


SB: Teamwork: What is collaborating with Scott Harris like?

MW: Scott and I are good friends and working alongside one another is super comfortable. We have a chemistry that is genuine and writing together always leads to something meaningful.


SB: Scheduling: What is in store for Modern Whale post “Dead Wrong”?

MW: There will be a video released soon for “Dead Wrong” and I’m currently wrapping an EP which will have four brand new songs plus “Dead Wrong”.


Modern Whale on Social: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modernwhalemusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modernwhalemusic/
Website: https://modernwhalemusic.com


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