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Don’t Skip Ahead: Our Chat with Skip Reality




Congratulations to Skip Reality on your 2nd Place Finish in StarBeat’s Top Talent in Philippines 2017 Contest!  We sat down with the trio to dig in a little deeper.


SB (StarBeat): Sibling Rivalry: I see you guys are siblings, when did you decide to form a band together?

SR (Skip Reality): It was Von Aiki who learned playing the guitar first when he was in high school and he taught and influenced the rest of us. Our mom got sick on 2010 and had 2 major surgeries for 2 consecutive years. We didn’t have enough money then so we stopped going to school, we spent most of our time playing music. The band was formed as a trio in 2012 when we learned that Alekz had written a lot of songs. We released our first album A.K.A. which represents our initials, in 2014 with 10 original songs. Skip Reality was born January 2016 along with the release of “Simple Love” in the UK.

Skip Reality


SB: Do you think it’s easier or harder to get along as a band being that you are family too?

SR: Being family has it’s pros and cons. We each have different taste in music so that’s where the challenge really is. Completing one song that would sound good for all three of us sometimes causes stress and takes up a lot of time. Alekz has a gazillion songs that she wrote but it’s difficult to choose one that all of us would also want to perform. But even if we argue when we practice, it’s always comforting to know that we cannot throw each other out. We are a group for life.

Skip RealitySB:
Evolution: Has your music style changed over time? Did you grow up in a musical household?

SR: Yes. Our music has evolved and is still evolving. Since we didn’t have any professional music training we learned by being open minded to different genres and developing our own sound. I guess you can say that our family is pretty musical. We grew up with our uncles living with us and they both love playing the guitar. On family get-togethers, our neighbors often complain because we sing together until 4:00 am. Hahaha.


SB: Genie Time: You get the chance to perform with any Band or Artist – who do you choose?

SR: It’s difficult to choose just one because all three of us have different musical influences. But if we can turn back time, then please bring us back to the 60’s so we can play with The Beatles.


SB: Snack Time: Salty or Sweet? And you have to all three agree!

SR: Our favorites, burgers, fries, pizza, chips… I guess sweet? Hahaha


Skip Reality


SB: Fortune Telling: Where would you like to see the band in 5 years?

SR: Performing our songs around the world.


SB: Any Shout-outs for all your fans?

SR: Thank you for the time and effort that you gave us during this contest and all this time. Keep on dreaming!



Skip Reality Social Links:

Twitter: @AKARockBand
Instagram: @skipreality



Skip Reality

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