Dots on Dots w/ Brandon Rollin


Let’s find out more about the intricate art pieces created by Brandon Rollin only using dots and dots and dots and dots. He talks to us about his pieces, his technique and his vision of the art.



Brandon RollinSB (StarBeat): Introductions: Can you give us a quick bio?

BR (Brandon Rollin): I’m a Colorado artist who specializes in dot paintings. Using thousands of colorful dots I create intricate compositions that result in a feast for the eye.

It’s fascinating to me that dots are so simple by nature, yet they combine to create very complex and beautiful patterns.


SB: Creations: What are you aiming to create with your artwork?

BR: A lot of my work is abstract with the goal of creating visual experiences that have never been seen before. I’m always striving to evolve and create new patterns with the dots themselves.

\Along with this, I have incorporated wood working into my process. More often than not my canvas consists of wood carvings of my own design, along with the occasional wildlife piece.

Each one is unique in their own way.


Brandon RollinSB: Methods: Can you describe your technique to us?  

BR: I call my technique “Abstract Pointillism” and have been doing it for 15 years. I use acrylic paint to create intricate patterns out of thousands of colorful dots. I find dots so intriguing because they are so simple by nature yet they can create extremely complex patterns.

Even after 15 years of experimenting with dots I’m still learning more!


SB: Variety: What different types of pieces do you create?

BR: Most of my paintings are on wood carvings that I carve myself. I create abstract shapes, wildlife, and circular pieces that are inspired by nature.

The shapes I create have an organic quality to them that resemble our natural world. A lot of my abstract work mimics coral and other underwater formations.


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