Down Home Jammin’ w/ Brieanna James


Let’s find out more about Brieanna James, her inspirations, and her sassy brand of country music.


SB (StarBeat): How would you describe your songwriting style?

BrJ (Brieanna James): To be honest, I don’t know if I have a certain style of songwriting.  I write every genre of music and I try to create new sounds and melodies so I can change things up a bit.  I usually stick to the idea of love when I write because it’s my favorite thing to write about, but I just love writing in general.  I have two sides to me. The sassy, flirty, light-hearted side and the deep and serious “I’m in love” or “I got my heart broken” side.  When I’m emotionally attached to a song, it usually comes out as more serious or deep.


SB: What artist do you look up to/whose footsteps would you like to follow?

BrJ: I’m a big fan of Shania Twain. She’s legendary and I believe she stood out because she was different and she wasn’t afraid to be a little rebellious.  I try to convey the same thing with my own image.  I appreciate her confidence, her sassy side and being fun and flirtatious.  


SB: Who’s your celebrity crush?

BrJ: Nick Bateman and recently I’ve added Matthew Noszka to the list! If we’re talking about country singers… I like me some Sam Hunt and Michael Ray!


SB: Where do you pull inspiration from when you write?

BrJ: Artist wise, I was really inspired by Taylor Swift when I started writing. In a way she was a teacher for me. I would listen to her songs, lyrics, and melodies… and I would try to make up something that sounded a bit like what she would write. After awhile I just developed my own style of writing. Now I just write about what is going on in my life: about falling in love, getting your heart broken and sometime the joy and pain that comes with it.


SB: What was the first concert you ever went to?

BrJ: When I was a little kid, I was obsessed with Hannah Montana. For my birthday my mom surprised me with tickets for the Hannah Montana: Meet Miley Cyrus World Tour.  



SB: As fans continue to get to know you, what is one thing you would like to convey to fans about you and your music?

BrJ: I want my fans to get to know me through my music. I want them to see that I’m this silly, upbeat, flirty, and happy girl that believes in fairytales, but I’m also a young woman who is in love with the idea of love. I am super passionate, deep, serious, and love writing about those themes. I also plan on putting together a Christian album as a side project one day expressing my faith and love of God.


SB: What are you listening to at the moment?

BrJ: “Get To You” -Michael Ray
“Boy” -Lee Brice
The “Hells Kitchen Angel” album by MAX
“Heaven” -Julia Michaels
“Eyes On You” -Chase Rice
“Look At You” -Seth Ennis

SB: Favorite quote?

BrJ: “I want to make Romeo jealous. I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir their dust into consciousness, to wake their ashes into pain.” -Oscar Wilde

SB: Flats or high heels?

BrJ: High heels, I don’t like wearing flats.  I am just a heels type of girl.

SB: Morning or night owl?


SB: Favourite thing to do on your day off BrJ: Horseback ride.

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