Dual Tones w/ Velavox


If one voice is good then two voices are great – especially when those voices are the Canadian duo Velavox (prev Kelly & Gibson). They have some fresh new music to share so let’s find out more about the music process and their dual voices.


SB (StarBeat): Introductions: Can you give us a quick bio sheet?

VV (Velavox): For sure! 

Just a boy and a girl trying to find a good harmony.  Now based in Vancouver, Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson met in Montreal, at a merch table while both fronting their own bands. They began collaborating by making duo versions of popular songs on YouTube.    

Kelly and Gibson
Photo Credit: Kelli Lane

After acquiring over a half a million views on their YouTube videos, which landed them a spot on MTV, they realized the potential in writing their own original music.    

Their first track ‘Out of The Dark’ was released in April 2017, they then self-released their debut EP ‘Out of the Dark’ single by single. Songs from their first EP were finalists in multiple international songwriting competitions. Most notably coming 4th in Linkin Parks Open Labs Stagelight Competition, the duo also won do250 Cumberland Wild festival competition, scoring them a spot at the festival.  

They now play as a 5 piece band, which allows them to create a more dynamic live sound as they play shows and festivals in and around Vancouver.  Currently they are working on recording new music for their 2nd EP, starting with the release of ‘World on Fire’ in February 2019.

Described as ‘Gemini pop’ their ‘two voices work as fraternal twins that mirror, support and split from each other’.


SB: Cover Up: You got your start doing cover songs on YouTube – how did you pivot to creating your own music?

VV: We started doing covers as a challenge to ourselves and to also practice singing with two vocals, since we both had never been in a project with two lead vocalist before. We wanted to see if we could stick to doing 1 cover every week for a year, which we did! We got some amazing feedback from fans on YouTube so we decided it was time release some of our own original music!


SB: Global: Your new single ‘World on Fire’ is being released today (Yay!) – Can you tell us a bit about this song?

VV: Yes! The song is about the people that light up your life, the ones you feel like you can do anything with, whether they are in your life for a fleeting second or many years they have a long lasting impact you’ll never forget.

The song was produced alongside platinum certified producer/engineer Nygel Asselin at NYG Productions!


Kelly & Gibson
Photo Credit: Lindsey Blane


SB: We The North: Canada has a strong history of quality music acts hitting the world stage, do you have any theories on why this is?

VV: Canada is such a unique place, geography wise and with the incredible mix of different cultures we have here, that it is just bound to create some really amazing artists!


Kelly & Gibson
Photo Credit: Kelli Lane

SB: Better Together: How is it different with a duo act versus a solo vocalist? Are two voices really better than one?

VV: We have both found it’s a lot harder than singing solo, but when it works it is totally worth it! We have learned so much singing as a duo, about harmonies and other techniques, that I am not sure we would have ever learnt being solo lead singers.

The biggest difference is instead of just focusing on yourself you really have to be in tuned with the other persons singing at all times when singing live!

Writing songs it is also a challenge, to find the right key that works for both of us, but we’re really enjoying singing together and we hope we sound good together!


Velavox on Social: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/velavoxmusic/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Velavoxmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VelavoxMusic/


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