Evolutions w/ Mark David Gosse

We got a chance to catch up with Actor Mark David Gosse who has now set up in Paris and is focused on evolving his acting career to the next level.


SB (StarBeat): Catch Up: We talked to you in 2017 when you were modelling and just starting out acting. What acting projects have you gotten to do since then?

MDG (Mark David Gosse): I have been making a lot of progress since 2017. First of all, I have been doing a lot of projects, for example, a documentary film, short films, music videos and a lot of commercials and campaign videos. I am now represented by a British agency, “DBA”, which I am very thankful for. But most importantly of all, I have learned a lot about acting and myself, both in my professional and personal life. I am still evolving and I am open to learning new things every day. One of the big changes in my life recently is that I moved to Paris in 2020 to study at the prestigious acting school “Cours Florent”. We work hard every day n’ night at school, it really pays off – I can feel that I get something out of each day, which is a huge motivation. I don’t do modelling any longer, since I realized that it is important to choose your path 100 %. Also, I find it important that people see me as an actor and not a model.


Mark David Gosse


SB: Networking: You talked about the importance of having a good network – do you still see that as being essential in the acting world?

MDG: Indeed! Every day I remind myself that it’s still the case! Even our teachers at Cours Florent are telling us how important it is. Networking is also one of many reasons why I wanted to attend Cours Florent – every student here are working either with voice, acting or dance. I also get very inspired by working with other people and share thoughts and experiences. For me networking isn’t just networking, it is also about learning from each other and learning together. One of my high priorities is to maintain a good relationship with the people I’ve met and worked with.


Mark David GosseSB: Quality or Quantity: What type of projects are you hoping to be involved in?

MDG: I will always choose quality over quantity in everything. Both in my professional and personal life I have always focused on building relationships with quality and depth. I would rather have one amazing friend, than ten I know on the surface. I feel the same in my professional life, it is important for me that I can be proud of my work. When it comes to projects regarding films I am open to almost everything. Not that I don’t have a favorite category… I do – but I like a challenge and as a new actor in the industry, it is important to be open-minded and talented. My goal and dream for the future is to change people’s hearts through films. Making films that our world can relate and reflect on, and who can challenge our mindset – films that have the possibility to change our lives/way of thinking through films. That is my number one achievement goal for sure.


SB: Goals: What would you like to achieve in your career?

MDG: As mentioned before, I, first of all, hope to be in some meaningful movies and that I am now as an actor, will be able to touch people’s hearts through the screen. But besides acting and with my creative mindset, I have an ambition about directing someday. I for sure hope that I one day will be able to direct my own films and be able to give some aspiring actors a chance to get into this world. I feel that this is an industry where we have to make a place for new talents. It is important to stay open-minded. We learn from other and new people, that is the true wisdom.


Mark David GosseSB: City of Lights: For those of us not able to travel right now, can you tell us what aspects of Paris you love?

MDG: I love Paris. I love the art, the cultural differences, and diversity and literally jumping out of the metro while it’s still moving. Parisians are busy people they don’t waste their time, everything must have a purpose and they are hard-working people. Bringing all of that together, and you suddenly have an ideal world for artists like me and others. I love that the film industry is much more diverse here than in Denmark where I grew up.

Paris is indeed a city of lights… and may be the lights are hope.


Mark David Gosse on Social: 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/markgosse/
IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8210418/


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