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StarBeat got a chance to catch up with The Filharmonic a cappella group who make regular appearances with James Corden, were nominated for a Shorty Award and who have just released their new single ‘Stupid’ today. They have been together for 5 years now and we would say their future is looking fine.


The FilharmonicSB (StarBeat): Required Update: So what have The Filharmonic been up to since our first feature in January this year?

TF (The Filharmonic): This year, we’ve still being doing shows across the country but we’ve definitely focused more of our creative energy in the studio.

We’re focused on getting some original content out and then releasing a bunch of new stuff this summer.


SB: Daily Special: We heard through the grapevine you have some new music coming out today. What inspired this new song?

TF: That rumor is true! We’re dropping our new song “Stupid” and we couldn’t be more excited. We wanted to write a song that talks about how foolish and silly it can feel when you finally fall for someone. VJ co-wrote and arranged this song so it definitely has the typical “Filharmonic” style in it.


The FilharmonicSB: YouTube or IRL: Do you guys prefer doing a cappella live performances or doing your cover and riff-off videos for YouTube?

TF: There are definitely positives to both. The videos and riff-offs are really fun because of the control you have with the project since you have more time.

I think we all love performing too much though. Singing in front of others is just an amazing experience and nothing beats inspiring others in a live setting.


The Filharmonic on Social:

The FilharmonicWebsite: www.thefilharmonic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thefilharmonic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thefilharmonic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thefilharmonic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/thefilharmonic


Check out their New Single ‘Stupid’Spotify

Original StarBeat Magazine Feature – https://starbeat.tv/all-aboard-the-filharmonic-express/

Questions were answered by Jules Cruz, member of The Filharmonic.

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