A Girl, a Ukulele and Some Yodeling w/ Alessandra Cowan




Everything old is new again in the youthful hands of Alessandra Cowan – singer, musician and yodeler.


Alessandra CowanSB (StarBeat): 1,2,3…Go: When did you start singing?

AC (Alessandra Cowan): I started singing as soon as I could talk.


SB: Next Step: When did you start performing?

AC: I started performing on stage when I was 5 yrs old. Singing, dancing, and even yodeling.

Never in my dreams I imagined that I will benefit from my yodeling! Last January of this year, I booked a national commercial by CenturyLink where I was yodeling.


SB: Getting Social: How did you start online?

AC: Around 7 yrs. old, I created my own YouTube channel Alessandra Cowan. It was exciting!

From there, I started having friends and supporters all over the world. I kinda got a lot of views on my HALO cover.


SB: Getting Schooled: Did you have musical training?

AC: No musical training. I learned to sing by myself because I love music. February 2016, I got interested on playing piano. I listen to music and I then I will play it by ear. Then…my mom suggested I should learn ukulele so I can take it with me when I perform.

When people ask me where I learned piano and ukulele, I’ll say Google and they’ll start laughing.


SB: Future Stats: What is your goal?

AC: At 11 yrs old, I feel very accomplished. Booking a CenturyLink National commercial and First Act Discovery national commercial, establishing 24,000 YouTube subscribers and a booming acting career is such a big blessing.

My goal is to be a succesful singer/artist/musician. A lot of hard work, faith and perseverance, I know I will make it.


Alessandra Cowan


Alessandra on Social: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cowanalessandra
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlessandraCowan
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alessandracowan/
YouTube: Alessandra Cowan



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