Heroes w/ Adam Ambrose


Checking in with the very thoughtful singer songwriter Adam Ambrose and his new release ‘Heroes’ inspired by the brave frontline workers during the pandemic.



Adam AmbroseSB: Catch Up: We last chatted in November, what’s been up since then?

AA: I have been working on a lot behind the scenes while I plan my next EP, on things that I think are important to being a musician, like finding what I believe to be important and what I want to do with my career. What I mean by this is that a lot of my favourite artists like Queen, 21 Pilots, and Tracy Chapman all have their ‘thing’. For me, that thing is trying to ‘give a voice to the little guy’ through talking about mental health, racial and sex inequality, and world issues. I personally believe that artists have a lot more power than they realize. We inspire with our words and we can influence a young generation so easily. So, I wanted to add something meaningful to the world while I have the stage to do it, while also trying to spread hope and love with every song I make.

In my personal life I am still a psychology student at a university here in Calgary so a lot of my time is either writing/promoting/working on my skills to become a better songwriter, or writing essays for my psychology classes. Recently I have started working with Brandon Unis who is a producer that has a few big names under his belt like Karl Wolf and Classified, to name a few. I have also been trying to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association with my last song “Breathe”. In a nutshell, I have been writing songs like crazy and trying to make sure they come out right while also going to school. I have been doing a lot, but mainly I am just doing a lot of planning.


SB: Upcoming: You just released your new single ‘Heroes’ inspired by the frontline workers during Covid-19.  Can you tell us how the song and project came about?

AA: The song idea actually came up after talking to my father. We were talking about how brave people who are working in the hospital are and he said, “I don’t think a lot of them know how thankful we are”. This sparked the idea in my mind, because my cousin who works at a hospital here in Calgary probably feels this way. She goes to work facing a danger and weight that I cannot even imagine, while also balancing parenting her kids. It was so powerful to me to realize how strong these individuals could be. So, I picked up my guitar and with the help of a few friends, created the song in four days.

I wrote the song from a husband’s point of view, seeing his wife come tired from working at the hospital all day. He worries about her but knows what she is doing is needed. In the chorus of the song he says, “Even superheroes take a break!”. He is saying even though you are doing an amazing thing by helping fight Covid-19, remember you are human. This was meant to say to all the healthcare workers out there, be kind to yourself and while we need you and always will, your families need you too! We love you and want you to know that you can take a break and we want you to know we are thankful.


Adam AmbroseSB: Raising: We know you previously used your song ‘Breathe’ to fundraise for mental health, are there any plans for this song? 

AA: For this song with every pre-save we are sending money to The Red Cross through their Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Global Appeal, because I believe that this is the best way we can support nurses and doctors fighting against covid-19. The video also contains a link to donate to this organization.


SB: Strength: It seems you used this time to produce something beautiful, any advice for keeping cool during these odd times?

AA: This time has been difficult for me, just as I think it has been for everyone else. I work as a child youth worker and I recently lost my job, which put a lot of financial stress onto me, along with the stress of not knowing where my future will be. However, what has gotten me through this is educating myself on what is happening and staying up to date. My level head comes from accepting how things will be for a while, because I think that as people, we are so resistant to change that when it does happen, it scares us. For me, change is a part of life so that is how I see this. The stress comes and goes every day, but I think what helps me the most is that acceptance, educating myself, along with finding ways to cope.

I cope through writing stories with my music, and that is what this song was for me. It was a way of me saying that I can bring some hope to what feels like a hopeless world at the moment. I think by putting good into the world, you can find more good in it. Creating the music video for this song honestly made me cry, with some of the cute and heartfelt messages I got. It gave me hope that we are smart, and we can make it through this because humans are strong willed. So, that is how I am getting through this – by seeing the good and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hell, we made it to the moon, I think we can beat this.


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