Hooked on The Music w/ Joel James


Discover these fresh sounds coming from Joel James Down Under who is creating music with meaning in this pop filled world.


SB (StarBeat): Easy One: How did you start your musical journey?

JJ (Joel James): If we are talking about my first moment with music, it would have to be when I was probably 7 or 8. My uncle had this music game on the Playstation 1 and he let me mess around with it! I don’t remember what I did or what it sounds like, but when I asked my uncle he said ‘It was from that moment I knew you were a musician’. I guess it must have been pretty good for a 7 year old hahah!

Moving on from that, my proper grind started in high school, 2009. I got my first guitar for my birthday and kind of went from there!


Joel James


SB: Construction: For you, what are the building blocks of a good song?

JJ: First things first, I believe you have to create something that comes from your heart, something meaningful to you. Otherwise, when you perform it you simply won’t vibe it, and the crowd will feel that.

In regards to sound, everyone loves a killer melody and hook. It’s called a ‘hook’ for a reason!

Personally I love big drums and beats that stick in your head for days! Chords and counterpoints that dance around the melody as if it were brother and sister. 

And make sure it’s your sound! Don’t try and sound the same as your favourite artist.


Joel JamesSB: Above the Crowd: How do you get your music to stand out?

JJ: Going back to the previous question, I believe you need to find your personal sound. You want people to listen to one of your songs and instantly know it’s you! 

And don’t write so many love songs! It’s all I hear on mainstream radio now days. Some artists literally write a whole album of love songs only because it ‘works’… Like, I get it, people live and breath love. But it is so refreshing to listen to a song that actually means something deep, with some colourful poetry driving the song.


SB: Up for Release: Any new music coming out we can look forward to?

JJ: I just released my new 5 track EP ‘Hey Little Lady’ Today (2nd of Feb)! And no, it’s not about a lady hahah! The lady represents something else, like a symbol. The EP as a whole is a story from start to finish! It mirrors my life, but will have its own personal meaning to each person who listens.


Joel James


SB: Unrelated: From us in North America barely making it through winter – how is it Down Under?

JJ: Mate, its messed up! Hahah! The air-conditioning can’t keep up. 

I’d much rather be up in North America!


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