How to Get More Points!


Our point scoring is based on our proprietary Mass Audience Popularity Score™ [MAPS™ System] – where the Audience has the ultimate power to chose their favorite social stars.


How It Works

The rating slider allows our StarBeat Audience to tell us what they like, but more importantly how much they like it.

First, sign up & sign in (on the top right) – takes less than a minute!

Performance ratings are super simple!

All you have to do is just drag the slider up or down. When you release the slider – your score will be assigned (and you can nudge it to perfection).

Note: Only your latest vote applies, so if you change your mind, the latest score will count (before the contest expires).

Need Video Help: Check this out…

The rest is where the magic happens.


Behind the Scenes

Our proprietary MAPS™ System actively measures the number of votes, quality of performances, how often you visit/vote, what you tend to watch (interest genres), what & how you rate, how you maintain your profile accounts (updating profile pics, comments, posts, etc)… in short, all activity is converted into valuable reputation-based points.

We presently measure over 80 parameters and this scoring algorithm applies equally to all StarBeat contestants. In essence: The more you contribute to our talent community, the more power you have to evolve from a Casual Audience Spectator into a community-verified Reputable Expert Judge.

Note: In the near future, there will be some special perks for our top Audience Judges! Stay posted.


Stats Module

Under the rating module, you can quickly glance over contestant’s live performance stats. Again, it’s all about the points and the system calculations apply for all participants. 

Tip: Refresh the page to see the latest stats activity.



Our leaderboard shows you how the live contestants stack up in the race to the finish.



Note: the last few days of the contest are extremely addictive! Have Fun!!!

Remember: Have Fun!!!


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