It’s Official: StarBeat Virtuoso Awards a $5,000 Recording Project!


Our team has decided to create a recording project for the notable StarBeat community members. Here’s how the dots connected…

After running a few test competitions in 2016 we noticed some exceptional talent popping up. Being that StarBeat was created by artists (and that we are a Vancouver-based startup), we noticed some incredible talent in our own backyard.


Julian Paolo JaymeJulian Jayme hit our radar in Sep of 2016, and just blew us away with energy and elegance of his guitar mastery. Interestingly, he did not win the Vancouver Lower Mainland competition (he came a super close 2nd) – but his playing looped on our day-to-day office repeat playlist and kept spinning long after the competition was over.

The more we listened, the more we heard, the more Julian won our hearts… and the more we scratched our heads.



Issah ContractorIssah Contractor was on our list from day 1, an extraordinary performer and a creative monster that lives and breathes music and arts… and sciences, and philosophy, and history… and you probably get the idea. Issah is a renowned drummer (a Roland World Champ in 2013) and a prolific bass player – as well as a songwriter, touring & recording artist and a highly coveted session player. Anyone in the Vancouver music & arts scene has probably rubbed shoulders with Issah at some point.

Issah has also ventured into screenwriting and film production, relentlessly fueling his passion, by any and all means. He has self-financed and directed a film that will be released mid-2017, but we’ll let him unveil the details on his own terms. Our point is, we have talent like this in our circles that can run circles amongst some of the industry icons (in our opinion – as he would humbly jump in and openly disagree – and then validate our point the way we respect him as a true artist). Just look him up and feel free to make your own decisions.



Jim BennettJim Bennett. Bassist extraordinaire, he’s known by many for his videos on YouTube covering themes such as “Game of Thrones” and summer hits like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. He has had the pleasure of performing with many talented musicians such as: Victor Wooten, Seamus Blake, Brad Turner, Son De Madera and pop artist Carly Rae Jepsen. He is currently playing bass with a Juno award-winning group “The Paperboys” and is also a part of a ten-piece afro-beat influenced group “Camaro 67”, who just released their debut album “Burn Rubber Not Your Soul” (and will be featured in Vancouver Jazz Fest 2017 in June).

Jim is an incredible talent with a story to match. He entered our BC’s competition in December, his channel hit our playlist and never stopped spinning… our heads that is. How can we have such high caliber musicians that… but it makes sense.


We live in an age of noise, an age when everyone has a megaphone and is yelling louder and louder to get heard. It’s not about delicate musicianship, it’s about brute-force feedback loop marketing. So, what’s the right mix? That’s up to everyone to make their own call.

Catch 22: If you are marketing, you are not elevating your skills & stretching art boundaries. If you are deepening your craft, you are getting left behind by those that are stacking their marketing. There are only 24 hours in a day. What do you do?

Here is what we do: $5,000 StarBeat Project, 3 extraordinary Vancouver musicians in our backyard, guys make their own creative decisions, 1 album, small budget, but huge talent.


StarBeat Virtuoso. This project is a test-lab: media factory. You, the StarBeat community will be affected by this project, as it evolves and permeates into other iterations. For now, we’ll capture everything (or as much as we possibly can). We want real reality, true to the last digital drop.

The offspring of this project is beyond an album, but chemistry, experience, new grounds for StarBeat featured collaborations, baseline backing tracks for future contests, graphics & video artist interpretations, and tons of other original content that will magnify rewards in the long run, for everyone involved. The product of this product will reverberate into StarBeat community and magnetize other concepts and ideas in due time. So stay tuned…

And lastly, we’ll leave you off with something that is very personal to us, and directly affects You.


“We do not have to be connected in Hollywood anymore to make it.
Now, we are all connected!” 

Let’s Connect!




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Julian Jayme


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