Jamming in Harmony w/ Honey and Jude


Let’s get to know more about this fresh pop duo from sunny LA land and how they work to be in harmony with one another.


SB (StarBeat): What makes Honey and Jude unique?

HJ (Honey and Jude): Our chemistry as a duo sets us apart from other acts because two is better than one! We get to play up both the male and female aspects of the act and really perform a wider range of emotions that way. Our sound is also special to us, as we have worked very hard on it and sounding good together. We often hear that our vocal tones set us apart.


SB: What is like sharing the stage and working together in a boy/girl duo?

HJ: In many ways, it’s helpful because there is always someone on stage to feed off of and play off of. We get to mess around with fun harmonies and vocal stuff we wouldn’t be able to do live if it were just one singer.

Sometimes it’s a little harder because it takes twice as much work to get everything tight, but it’s always worth it in the end!


SB: If you could go on tour with another popular act in today’s current pop scene, who would you choose and why?

HJ: There are so many awesome acts we would love to tour with! We always shoot for that stars, so we’d love to tour with artists like Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Fifth Harmony, and more!


SB: Given your success on YouTube posting covers within 24 hours of their initial release, how difficult is it to learn and post songs that fast?

HJ: Really hard. You don’t really have as much time as you’d like to learn the song and let it settle the way you normally would before performing it. Sometimes we watch an old video and wish we would have done certain things differently, but hindsight is always 20/20. There’s a big feeling of accomplishment when a video gets a lot of views and we know how hard we had to work to post it in time!


SB: What is your favorite part of performing?

HJ: We love when the audience is really into it, especially when they know the songs and sing along. It makes us feel like we are really building a community rather than just doing another random gig.


SB: What is your favorite part of the musician lifestyle?

HJ: Not working in a tiny cubicle from 9-5. Also, at gigs, sometimes they give us free food..


SB: What is your least favorite part of the musician lifestyle?

HJ: The physical strain on the body and voice is the hardest part because there is so much we want to do but we have to be mindful of being healthy so we can maintain longevity in our careers. Also, we don’t like hauling gear. It’s literally the worst:(


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