Just Say Hi w/ Kryssy Samson


A meaningful new project from StarBeat’s ‘Top Talent in BC’ winner Kryssy Samson is bringing important issues to the surface in a very personal way.  Let’s find out more about the making of ‘The Rooftop’, her musical influences and next steps.


Kryssy SamsonSB (StarBeat): The Start: What inspired you to write these songs for the EP?  

KS (Kryssy Samson): ‘The Rooftop’ is sadly very personal and highlights my personal struggles with suicide and depression. If anyone watching the video for the song has seen the movie Fight Club (spoiler alert), they’ll understand the “Tyler” reference and see that Tyler is me all along. So unfortunately it’s a very dark and personal side of me that I was ready to share with the world in hopes of starting the “Just Say Hi” movement and encouraging people to reach out to each other before crisis rather than after and during a crisis.

‘Burns’ was written about personal heartbreak I went through in 2015 that opened my eyes to how hard a deep rooted breakup can be. It made me better but at the time I was playing with fire and not realizing when I should have walked away until I was the one left burnt. But, that’s how we learn. Now I’m stronger and know better than to let people have the chance to burn me, or I try to at least.

‘All I Got’ is one of my favorites because it’s purely a song written about best friends. My best friend Nahall prompted this song when she helped me take a leap and move to Seattle to immerse myself in music. ‘All I Got’ quickly turned into a song that made me think of all my best friends who have kept me going through the hardest of times. I owe so many of my friends my life, and I’ll sadly admit that too many of them have had to save me from myself in so many ways. I owe all I got to them, and sometimes they’ve truly been all I got.


SB: Digging Deeper: Tell us more about The Rooftop and the Suicide and Mental Health Awareness video you did.

KS: The Rooftop started as my personal story in song, but turned into a video project that truly is my heart and soul. Over the course of 2 years I pieced together the video frame by frame, and finally met my videographer who was ready to bring it to life. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of compromises and changes and reshooting etc etc, but I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.


Kryssy SamsonSB: Eyesight: What is your vision for The Rooftop’s “Just Say Hi” movement?

KS: I really want to see the video help people. The “Just Say Hi” concept was something that I know we can all be a part of. By just reaching out and just saying hi, or smiling and making a gesture of acknowledgement , you can completely change someone’s day and mindset. Kevin Hines taught me that. He was one of thousands who attempted suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge, and one of few who lived the tell the tale. His story made me realize the importance of just reaching out and saying hi and how far it could go. But the point is that we need to JUST SAY HI before the crisis strikes, and not wait until someone has already broken and nearly gone. We need to start the conversation for mental health.


SB: Stepping Sones: What are you working on next?

KS: After the EP is out I have a few more singles to release, but aside from that I’m just looking into other ways to reach people through my music and especially through my videos. I really loved shooting and directing the video for ‘The Rooftop’. I felt like it was awakening a new passion and I hope to pursue some skills in videography and directing, maybe even acting! It’s all on the same wave and I feel like I’ve found my passion beyond just singing and songwriting.


SB: Directions: Who have been your biggest inspirations for your music?

KS: Most people who know me will know that my biggest musician inspirations AND favorite bands are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and City and Colour. Linkin Park also really opened up allies for me to sing and write about mental health too. As for close musicians, I’ve had the honor to know and work with Milo Eubank who runs Lost Boys Studios- he’s done all my recording and production and he’s absolutely incredible. My two good friends from Seattle, Joachim Nordensson (I featured on his track “Hotsprings”) and Craig Suede (amazing artist and rocker) have also been amazing musical inspirations for me.


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