LaLa Land w/ Rosie McClelland


Today we get the chance to catch up with Rosie McClelland who is coming in to her own on her YouTube channel and through her music.  Let’s see what she’s been up to!



SB (StarBeat): British Import: Many people may know you from your appearances on The Ellen Show with your cousin Sophia – what is your best memory of that time?

RM (Rosie McClelland): I loved meeting so many amazing people. My favourite person was Rihanna, she literally picked us up like babies and kissed us both on the cheek, I mean we were only 5 and 8! I also love Ellen so much, she is so kind and funny.


SB: Catch Up: It’s been a little bit since those appearances – what have you been up to since then?

RM: I’ve been uploading fun videos and covers to my YouTube channel and released my first single last year called “Handstand,” and now I am about to release my new song, “LaLa” on 19th July! Also I love school and my friends.


SB: Video World: You have a big following on YouTube – what do you hope to share with your viewers there?

RM: I love to share fun content that is safe for any ages to watch, I love to inspire people to follow their dreams and be yourself!


SB: Fresh Release: We hear you have a new single coming out, can you tell us a bit about it?

RM: Yes it’s called “LaLa” as in La la la la la…. It’s about me starting in the industry at 5 and being so young I didn’t know I could even sing until I really got the opportunity. Now, I’m excited that I’ve found my wings and can share my music with you all! It’s all about encouraging others to find their wings and follow their dreams in whatever they want to do. Go listen to “LaLa” and find your wings #LaLa #findyourwings


SB: Fun Time Mashup: What foods from both the UK and the USA would you put together for the ultimate meal/snack?

RM: UK marmite (Vegemite in the US) on egg fried rice or US Oreo dipped in Jamba Juice!


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