Light It Up w/ Alex Shade


StarBeat is checking in with Alex Shade from France about his latest pop driven single ‘Dream About You’, his start in music and the message he wants to send out with his songs. 


Alex ShadeSB (StarBeat): Start Line: How did you get started in singing and music?

AS (Alex Shade): I started in music early, I started writing when I was 16 and producing when I was 18.

But officially only for 1 year now that I create my own original music, it’s really a big thing for me.


SB: Genre: What drew you to the poppy style of music?

AS: I have always liked the effect that pop music had on culture in a legendary way.

I think I’ve always been influenced by pop music since I was a kid, the 2000s was very pop and I’m a 2000s kid!


SB: Fresh: Can you talk to us about your new single ‘Dream About You’?

AS: “Dream About You” is my 5th single it is now part of my first Ep.

I wanted to create a very pop sound that was reminiscent of the beach vacation, and I really like how it feels.

Alex Shade

SB: Messaging: What feeling or message do you try to send with your music?

Alex ShadeAS: I always want to send a good energy and a good vibe into my music. The messages I put into my songs are always very personal and true.

I always share experiences or moments that I want to share with my fans, it’s very important to me.


SB: Plans: I’ve heard there’s such a thing as the ‘Shade Army’ – is world domination coming up next?

AS: Yes exactly the shade army is on the way so be prepared!


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