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You spent years making your followings in dozens of media format-centric networks. These are some amazing social communication tools! But there are so many of them, and they don’t play so nice with each other. That’s where we work together in raising the spotlight and the stage to the next level on
Now’s the time to make some New StarBeat Fans! As you can probably tell, we are constantly launching local and international talent competitions, and we’re backing everything with real prizes, real talent, real opportunities. We are a live and interactive online talent show! Come & grow with us, together!


Shoot a vid
and snap a pic and tell everyone you are in a StarBeat contest:

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1, that is – with a global title and cash prizes on the line.


The Ultimate Skateboarder 1

Qualifying Stage 1: AUDIENCE VOTING

OPEN: July 1st to 31st, 2017
Now’s the time to share!


System Notifications Can Work For You!
Just upload the media to your social networks, and that’s it.

Your subscribers will automatically get notified. 


Be Creative!
Tell your friends, family and fans to share.


Need Inspiration?
Check out this Video Example.


Let’s get FREESTYLE SKATEBOARDING lit up internationally!

Who will be the Ultimate Skateboarder 1, our first-ever winner?
It’s up to you!

Let's Share!

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Official Hashtags: #UltSk8Br #StarBeatContest #StarBeatTalent

Official Accounts: @StarBeatTalent (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

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