Making Music Her Way w/ Madeline Merlo


Award-winning country singer Madeline Merlo will soon be making her way up the charts with her new single ‘Neon Love’ after her big move down south to Music City. She makes sometimes thoughtful, sometimes fun music that reflect all different pieces of her.


SB (StarBeat): Intro: Sounds a bit like a country song – girl from a small town make her way to the big stage. What got you started in music?

MM (Madeline Merlo): I’ve been singing as long as I can remember and started at a really young age. My father was a musician growing up so I think that its hereditary to a certain degree and I was really born to do this. I grew up with band members in the home and music blasted all the time. Its importance and power was rooted in my childhood and I couldn’t have imagined doing anything else in my life.


SB: Air Play: For any other dreamers out there – what’s it really like to hear your song on the radio the first time?

MM: Wow, it’s hard to even put the feelings into words. I sobbed and prayed and hugged my family. I had just dreamt of that moment my entire life so to have it come into fruition felt so surreal to me.

I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live.


SB: Messaging: So far you have a good balance of songs with a message like ‘War Paint’ and fun songs like ‘Motel Flamingo’. What goes into choosing the message to portray with your music?

MM:  Thank you! Yes I always want to keep my music fresh and exciting so I like to release different kinds of songs that all represent me as a whole. War Paint was my story and my message I needed to share. Releasing a song about mental health was a big risk but I didn’t care because I thought that maybe it could help someone along the way. With Motel it just felt good, made me laugh and made me want to dance. Whether your song gives people goose bumps or drags them onto the dance floor both are special in their own ways. I want to be a versatile artist and show my fans that I can do both.


SB: Double Shift: So you recently played the lead role in a movie ‘Country Crush’. What was the acting experience like?

MM: The acting experience was unlike anything I had ever done before. It was hard, exciting, rewarding, stressful and fun all wrapped into one. It was my first major role in anything so I leaned on my co-star Munro Chambers and Director Andrew Cyme a lot. The relationships you build on set are incredible and I learnt so much about the craft and about myself as a creative individual. I would love to do more acting in the future.


SB: Music City: You recently made the big move down to Nashville. How is it going so far?

MM: I absolutely love living in Nashville. Moving to a new country is of course a big adjustment but once it felt like home I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. This city is alive with music and every day feels like anything is possible. Everyone in the industry functions off 150% talent and work ethic at all times and I’ve felt so inspired and motivated being here. It’s a privilege to make music every day in such an incredible place.


Madeline MerloSB: New Music: Exciting to hear you have a new single coming out in April! If you had to describe the song in one sentence, what would it be?

MM:  The new music is exciting and pushes boundaries.


SB: Free Time: Someone hands you the keys to their private jet. Where are you telling the pilot to go?

MM: Hawaii or Costa Rica!


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**Madeline’s New Single ‘Neon Love’ is coming out on April 27th – make sure to check it out!**

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