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There’s no turning back now that DNA has released his first single and is preparing to release his first EP later this year. This singer, songwriter based in Toronto talks to us about his music, his writing process and the value of cover songs.



DNASB (StarBeat): Makings: What is DNA made up of? (Not talking about ACTG that we all learned in science class!)

DNA: Well DNA is actually my initials. Music has always been a part of me. My grandparents introduced me to music at a very young age, my whole family is musical, therefore, you can say music is in my DNA and also my initials :).


SB: Music: You just released ‘Not Turning Back’ in February – how was it to release original music?

DNA: Not Turning Back was my first single to be released. I was very nervous and scared to put myself out there. Once I got over that hurdle, it started to get easy. I started to write more and get in to a steady rhythm with my writing and composition.


SB: Covering: Where do you see cover songs fitting in to the new digital music world?

DNA: I think covers are very essential to show case your versatility and creativity. When I re-create a cover song I still keep the essence of the original song, but I add my own style and twist to it. People not only love listening to the original they also like listening to different renditions. Someone who does not prefer to listen to pop, might like the indie rendition of that song.


DNASB: Process: What is your song creation process like?

DNA: My main instrument that I rely on is guitar, therefore, I start with creating a riff. Something simple and something that I can build on. Then I record the guitar track (Verse, chorus, bridge, etc), and I put it on a loop and start writing lyrics.


SB: Previews: Any new projects on the horizon?

DNA: Ya! My second single comes out on May 10th! It’s called Run to You. I am working on my EP which will be released in Summer 2019. Not Turning Back and Run to You will be on it as well, plus a couple of new tracks.


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