Musical Awakening in NYC w/ Michelle Wake


Let’s follow Michelle Wake and her independent musical awakening in the city that never sleeps.

SB (StarBeat): Indie Scene: What is it like being an independent artist in NYC?
MW (Michelle Wake): It is a stretch everyday. I’m constantly moving in some direction along with the busy city in all of its highs and lows. I write my own schedule, book my own shows, handle press and lean on friends or close contacts I feel are trustworthy when necessary. All around I try my best to stay focused, stay believing in myself and not let the struggle overwhelm or get me down. 
Michelle Wake
Michelle WakeSB: Experience: Do you have advice for other artists in the scene? 
MW: For sure. Don’t spread yourself too thin. You have to have something to work with that being yourself. Eat healthy, don’t expect things to happen overnight, so prepare for a marathon every day.
Consider every part of life an inspiration to your art form. Whether it be the job you dread of the nights you can’t sleep.
Use it all. 
SB: Music Scene: How much time do you spend with other musicians? 
MW: I rehearse with the band twice a month with a gig in between. There isn’t much time to attend other friends shows between work and self management in New York. I keep in touch with other musicians mostly via social media. We know when to reach out to each other.
I spend most of my time with a variety of people in the city. Anyone from financial advisors, athletes, chefs, simply a great hodgepodge of people I’ve met during my life spent in the city.  
SB: Group Play: Do you play with a band now?
MW: I have always played solo in the past however I am crazy lucky to have scored three spectacular musicians who choose to make our NYC live shows a must see. Chris Peck (producer) Michael Beck (Jazz drummer) and Maciej Lewandowski (bassist, always in demand).
Michelle Wake
SB: Future Scene: What is your hope for 2018?
MW: To have the actual time and money to write and play more music that everyone will enjoy. 
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