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Singer Songwriter Mikalyn Hay first came on to StarBeat’s radar in early 2017 when she placed in our Top Talent in Ontario contest and we have been following her rise and growth as an independent artist ever since. She’s one to watch and we got a chance to catch up with her and hear more about her recent projects.



Mikalyn HaySB (StarBeat): Project: You recently did a collab with Xtro, can you tell us a bit more about that?

MH (Mikalyn Hay): I’ve been working with Xtro for a little over a year now and I love working with him. We are both in high school and have tons in common.  We’ve become good friends over the hours of work we’ve done together so it’s always a good time.

Our EP “Love Again” was written, produced and done completely by us in our basement studios and around Toronto. It was such a great learning experience for both of us, and we have some new stuff in the works that will see our EP being relaunched in Brazil in December hopefully.


SB: Music World: What are your thoughts on the new DIY music industry?

MH: That’s a good question. Honestly, the DIY music industry is all I’ve ever really known. The industry is changing so rapidly it’s important to be able to adapt as fast as we can and utilize the technology we’re given, without losing sight of the music. It’s easy to get caught up with everything else, but when it comes down to it, what needs to stand alone is the song.  It’s the backbone that everything else is built around so initially that has to be the primary focus.


Mikalyn Hay


SB: LA Gear: We heard through the grapevine you were just in LA – what did you get up to down there?

MH: I was in LA! Hopefully I’ll be back soon – we will see. I was there filming a music video for my song Gone through the new label “Younk.” They were absolutely amazing, and I would suggest that any musician look into Younk and sign up. I wasn’t in LA for long, but every day I was there was jam-packed. The music video was insane to film, the crew was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. I would do anything to relive that trip.  The directors of my video have done videos for Billie Eilish and Sia!! Hoping to release this video in December.


Mikalyn HaySB: Day Off: It seems that you make so much music it must take up a lot of time – what do you like to do if you get any off time?

MH: Unfortunately I’m still in high school, so in my spare time I’m doing homework. But if I’m all done that, you can catch me with my friends. I’m lucky because they’re super supportive and understanding if I can’t go out cause I have a gig the next day.  As well I try to hit the gym when I can.


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