Musical Knowledge w/ Amanda Nolan


Let’s get to know singer-songwriter Amanda Nolan who has the backing of a musical family to propel her musical career higher and higher.  


Amanda NolanSB (StarBeat): Start-Up: What made you start pursuing music?

AN (Amanda Nolan): Coming from a musical family, music was always around me from a young age.  Singing was my first love and I started around the age of five but started singing more seriously around ten or eleven.  At that point, my manager Ken Jansen put me in touch with a friend of his named Johnni Levi, a singer/songwriter, who introduced me to the world of songwriting.  In the beginning of working with Johnni I would write lyrics and he would write the music and we’d make a song.  Not long after that I realized I wanted to do both.  So I taught myself to play guitar first and then piano a few years later to be able to put my words to the melodies I was hearing in my head.


SB: The Family Business: You mention a musical family, tell us a little more about that.

AN: I’m the youngest of four kids and we all play at least one instrument.  My oldest brother, Kevin plays guitar, drums, bass and piano, my brother Alex plays the piano, my sister, Megan plays guitar, my Dad plays bass and guitar and my Mom sings.  Like I said, there was ALWAYS music being played in the Nolan house!


SB: Ideation: Where do you get your inspiration from for your music?

AN: For songwriting it’s not even close – Ed Sheeran!  I am so inspired by his style of writing and how he always has the perfect sound to me.  For singing and the kind of artist I want to be it would probably be Camilla Cabello because of the kind of pop music she makes and yet she still does acoustic songs as well.


Amanda Nolan


SB: Work It: What have you done so far in your career to make your dreams a reality?

AN: In addition to playing my music live in as many venues as possible since 2012,  I would say recording is another big part of what I’ve been doing.  I have released three EPs of all original music from 2012 to 2015.  In 2017 I released my first full-length album titled “Catalyst” and I am currently working on my next full-length album “11:11” to be released late 2018.  

The exciting thing about the new album I’m working on is that my sound is really going in a Pop/R&B/EDM direction, which is different from my earlier recordings.  Also, I am so lucky to get to work with my producer/sound engineer, Ryan Dowdall.  He is an insanely talented guy and he has taught me so much about the production end of recording.  I feel like I’m a better equipped artist because of the knowledge I’ve gained and the importance of knowing how to make your sound unique and recognizable.  One last thing I’d like to mention is my weekly video series on YouTube I’ve called “Music Mondays”.  I take requests from my subscribers and when I do a song I give a shout out to the person who requested the song.  

It’s become one of my favorite things because of the awesome people who come back week after week to watch my videos and show me support for what I’m doing.


SB: Hidden Message: What is something you think people would be surprised to know about you?

AN: Probably that I quit traditional high school in my Sophomore year and switched to an online charter high school so I could have more flexibility for my gigs.  I ended up doubling my Junior and Senior years and graduated a year early.  

Now life begins……..all music – No plan B!

Amanda Nolan


Amanda NolanSB: Make it Happen: What is the end goal for you?

My end goal would have to be for as many people to hear and relate to my music as possible.  I think that’s the goal of every songwriter.  My goal as an artist would be to go on a world tour with as many sold out shows as possible and at the same time to be a good role model to other young artists to follow their dreams and never give up!


SB: Musically: Where can we find all of your music?

AN: All of my music can be purchased and streamed on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and just about every music platform.  Also, physical CDs can be purchased on my Bandcamp.


Amanda on Social: 

YouTube: Amanda Nolan Music 
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