Musical Makings w/ The Wy Mac


Let’s check in with the fresh and bright musical artist The Wy Mac on her brand of pop music, how the songs get written and the top artist that inspires her.


SB (StarBeat): Fun House: Your music has a fun, pop vibe to it – is that what you want the fans to get from it?

WM (The Wy Mac): That and the fact that everything I write about is 100% real and 100% a situation that I’ve lived or been through. I want people to enjoy my music but also relate to the message in every song.

I am so happy and proud of Mind Games – my new EP – and I hope the fans love to listen to what I’ve put out there.


SB: Written Word: What is your songwriting process like?

WM: I’m not a fan of songwriting because it makes me feel totally vulnerable and I don’t like to open up or let my walls down. However most of the time a song just comes to me. I’ll be on a plane, sitting relaxing by the fire or driving in a car and I’ll make notes on my phone. Then those notes eventually become songs. I do love a good writing session with my co-writers and a couple of songs on my EP were a collaboration because I always want to have input, otherwise I’m just a singer and not an artist.


SB: Triple Threat: It looks like you are into music, dance and…….beauty! How do you see the three working together?

WM: Having the training in dance has helped and will continue to help me in my performances and knowing how to do hair and makeup definitely benefits me in my stage presence. And also I’m a little OCD about how I like my makeup and hair so I enjoy doing it all myself.


SB: Mentor: Who is your top pick for a celebrity triple threat?

WM: Lady Gaga! She can – and does – do it all. She is amazing! That’s why, when I auditioned for Ireland’s Got Talent – I sang Edge of Glory. She’s such an inspiration.


SB: Beauty Salon: What is your favourite beauty style or tip?

WM: My favorite beauty style is being crazy, out there, avant-garde but also mixed with a little 80’s neon.


SB: Bonus Question: Invent a new ice-cream flavour for us – and make sure to name it too!

WM: Marshmallow ice cream with a chocolate and graham cracker swirl throughout, topped with edible pixie dust and a toasted marshmallow. I call it Sparkalicious S’mores!


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