Musical Odds w/ Audrey


We’re checking in today with singer songwriter Audrey as she talks to us about her new single ‘The Odds’, how she got her start in music, and how she developed in her songwriting style.


SB (StarBeat): Start Line: When did you get your start in music and singing?

A (Audrey): When I was 2 years old, I heard Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and asked my mom for violin lessons.  After a year of begging, she finally agreed once I turned 3 and drove me twice a week, 30 minutes each way, for lessons.  When I was 5 I started piano, and soon after started singing and songwriting.  So music has been my passion for as long as I can remember.


SB: Pen and Paper: How did you develop your songwriting prior to your first song releases?

A: The best way to learn how to be a songwriter is to just write songs!  I’ve taken songwriting classes and studied music theory and read books and researched how to write a good pop song, but at the end of the day, songwriting is a skill that gets better with practice, just like anything else.  You’re probably not going to write a hit song on your first try, but the more you write, the better you get and the better the chances you have of writing a hit.  I’ve been writing since I was 6 so I’ve had years of practice!


SB: Messaging: What types of topics do you like to touch on in your songs?

A: My upcoming album “Status Change” touches on 3 main topics.  The first big theme of the album is empowerment.  None of my songs portray the woman as the victim, but instead as the strong heroine.  Second, I write about relationships, both failed and successful ones.  And finally, a lot of my songs touch on modern technologies like social media and how dating has been affected by tech.  

All of my songs are written from personal experiences.


SB: Status Update: You’ve just released your single ‘The Odds.”  Can you tell us a bit more about this song?

A: “The Odds” is about finding “the one.”  It starts by reflecting back on past heartbreaks and always wishing to feel something more than you’ve felt before.  Then you serendipitously meet someone and it’s like the stars have aligned–against all odds, you found your soulmate.  This is one of my favorite songs because it’s happy, positive, and hopeful and I think the world needs more of that.  I also had so much fun filming the music video in Florence, Italy, and taking the viewers on a little scavenger hunt around the city.


SB: Day Dreaming: What is your dream duet or performance venue?

A: My dream duet is definitely with Harry Styles–I’ve always been a huge One Direction fan, and I have been incredibly impressed with his solo career since.  My dream performance venue is to headline a sold-out Madison Square Garden because the bigger the venue/crowd the better!


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