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New Competition: Top Talent in Canada!

 Welcome to StarBeat’s February Contest. This month, we are looking for the Top Talent in Canada.
Total Prizes: $5,000 StarBeat’s “Top Talent in Canada” Features + Artist Spotlight Interviews 
Top points leader (by total audience scoring system) on February 28th wins!
$5,000 in TOTAL PRIZES  
 #1: $2,500
#2: $1,000
#3: $600
#4: $500
#5: $300
#6: $100



Sign Up   –   Log In   –   Fetch Vid
This is an Open Talent Contest: all categories, any genres, no age limits!
Just submit your top performance + share your contest entry with family, friends & fans.


StarBeat Online Contest: Top Talent in Canada  

Contest Starts on:  Feb 02, 2017  |  7pm PST (Vancouver Time)
Contest Ends on:    Feb 28, 2017  |  7pm PST (Vancouver Time)
Contest Rules: This contest is open to all Canadian residents, in all provinces except the Quebec (due to different laws and regulations). Here are the Official Contest Rules and Regulations. Note: one video submission per entry. Highest media score wins, so multiple entries actually dilute your chances. Submit your best work please!
Contest Validity: StarBeat reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this contest if a minimum of 50 quality contestants are not participating. Our prizes are reserved for talent discovery and development. Let’s share this and help talent get discovered!
Official Results: March 1st, 2017
We will audit all scoring and announce the official winner online.
Fairplay: Cheaters get penalized, so for every one we catch, penalty points are tripled. Downvoting your opponents sticks out like a sore thumb (against overall audience averages). Fake accounts will be deleted. As part of the Starbeat community, if you choose to vote and bail, that’s not a problem – just be aware that overall scores are based on your activity and time spent on the site. The most active contributors, that help the community, will get point multipliers.

Amazing people rule on StarBeat! Let’s embrace the best & hardest working talents – they deserve a big break!



Make SOCIAL NETWORKS Work For You!  
Contestants: if you wait too long to enter this timed competition, you may not get enough audience votes and cumulative points (on the leaderboard). The Talent with the highest point score on February 28th (7pm PST) wins! So, enter the contest now and share on all your social channels.

Pro User Tip!
Just quickly create a selfie video that you are in a StarBeat contest and when you upload the media, the system notification will automatically inform all your channel subscribers on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Be creative!
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