Paying Dues w/ Union Duke


The band Union Duke has paid their dues with years of touring and travelling and three albums under their belt.  They are ready to share what they’ve discovered with four new songs including the latest release ‘Atlas of Love’. Let’s find out more about their music, the band and their touring.



SB (StarBeat): Definition: What inspired the name ‘Union Duke’?

UD (Union Duke): It’s an anagram – can you solve it?


Union Duke


SB: Instrumentation: What instruments are included in your band?

UD: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, fiddle, ukulele, bass, assorted percussion, 5 singers


Union DukeSB: Medium: Do you have a musical message?

UD: Don’t take it so seriously! Have fun with your old pals, make some new friends, dance, put a sweater on, call your mom.


SB: Road Warrior: What have you learned by touring the country?

UD: People are interesting all over. Also: always bring MORE socks than you think you need.


SB: Retro: Do you consider your music a return to the past or is everything old new again?

UD: Can’t it be both? Our aim is to pay tribute to the past while looking forward – not only is there so much incredible music to learn from, there are also valuable traditions and stories that we hope to preserve while keeping the music accessible and interesting to new audiences.


Union Duke on Social: 


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