Power Up w/ Drew Powell


Let’s chat with new on the scene country artist Drew Powell about his latest single release, how he started songwriting and his diverse musical background.



SB (StarBeat): Biography: Can you give us a quick intro?

DP (Drew Powell):  I grew up in North Vancouver, BC, Canada playing classical piano at a young age and drums in high school jazz band. Once I got out of high school, I played drums in rock/pop bands and continued studying jazz drums at Capilano University before moving to the US.  I came to Nashville in 2015 and have been here ever since writing and playing my own original songs in Music City!


Drew Powell


SB: Training: You’ve studied at Berklee college and toured as a drummer. What does that bring to your current music?

DP:  Studying at Berklee really broadened my musical network and opened me up the world of co-writing.  Before studying at Berklee, I was primarily focused on playing and writing music but when I got there, my major focus was on production and engineering.  Learning those skills allowed me to produce and record my own songs and ultimately help me develop my sound more.  

Since moving to Nashville, I’ve had to teach myself guitar and I tend to play it quite rhythmically.  I attribute this to my extensive training as a drummer and as a result, find I definitely gravitate more towards groove and feel when starting a song from scratch.


Drew PowellSB: Writing: What got you into writing songs?

DP: I had always written instrumental music as a kid on the piano.  I loved the idea of creating something from nothing and I never had a problem coming up with chords and a melody.  I got more into songwriting with lyrics later on in high school and recorded my first 3 song EP at around 18.  At Berklee, I took a couple songwriting classes and got really into the technical craft and creation of songs.  I get the most musical satisfaction after I finish writing a song – it’s very addictive. Since moving to Nashville, I haven’t stopped writing!


SB: Up To: Can you tell us about your new single ‘If You’re Up’?

DP:  I wrote ‘If You’re Up’ with my friend and co-writer Joe Fox.  It was one of the first songs I wrote upon moving to Nashville and took about 2 sessions total to finish.  We wanted to write a feel good tune with an infectious sing-along chorus.  Lyrically the song is about looking for love and taking a chance – something I think we can all relate to on some level.


SB: Next Up: Can we look forward to some more of your music coming up?

DP:  Yes I believe I’ll be releasing an EP before the new year with 3-4 songs on it.  Be on the look out for many more releases of mine throughout 2020 too. ‘If You’re Up’ was just the start of my artist journey and I have so much more music I can’t wait to share with everyone!


Drew on Social: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drewpowellmusic/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drewpowellmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drewpowellmusic
Spotify: Drew Powell


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