The Quantum Split Phenomenon



StarBeat Magazine managed to freeze the Quantum Split and capture key principles behind the band’s rising success. 

SB (StarBeat): How do you feel your music will impact the people?

QS: Quantum Split: Band Members Soleil Laurent (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Anthony Anderson (Drummer), Adrian Read (Guitarist), Ivan Hardy (Bass Player).

SL: The music will set a fire in them. EMPOWER THEM. It will light up the passion and the desire they have inside of them to be BADASS! To unapologetically express themselves the way they choose and know that they are PRICELESS.

It will give them the courage to stand up for themselves as well as for others. 

AA: Our music explains itself. Based off real life experiences that we all face in everyday life. Once you hear the songs live and when Soleil starts to sing the lyrics it will immerse you.  It takes you to a memory you have had in your own life. Our music is relatable and timely!

AR: Our music will instill strength and bring forth the people’s potential. It will allow you to reflect on your own life choices and prepare you for the life that you deserve. Our music will change the world!

IH:  It will give people a much needed invigorating perspective when it comes to positivity, strength, self-empowerment, and empowerment for others. 


Quantum Split


SB: What is your pre-show routine and after show routine? 

QS: SL: Before the show I listen to the greats. The woman with the most powerful voices and the men with the best guitar licks. It gets the energy going. Also, I meet with the team so we remain connected on the stage. We hold hands and I give a speech telling the boys “We are Quantum Split and We are on a mission.” We share power within that one moment. 

AA: My pre-show routine before a show is that I spend a good 10-15 mins stretching my body. Practicing some rudiments on my drum pad and have that moment to breathe and let go, away from everyone else. It’s always great to have your moment before you go on stage.

AR: Pre-show I am just another person walking the crowd, engaging in friendly conversations and getting to know my audience. After the show, I am still that, only this time I usually don’t have a shirt on.

IH: Usually the last hour I like to just sit in the green room and relax and free my mind. Sometimes I listen to my favorite bands to amp myself up. Afterwards I like to unwind with some recreational activities and hanging out with my friends. 


Quantum SplitSB: What is your favorite aspect of performing on stage?

QS: SL:  Spreading the message. My favorite moment will always be speaking to the crowd and motivating them. I love singing and playing but being able to tap into their hearts and empower them.

AA: My favorite aspect of performing on stage is seeing and feeling the crowd’s reaction. I have a great view on stage usually and I can see the way the crowds react to our music.

AR: Being on stage puts you in a vulnerable position and at the same time grants you power over the listener. When the curtains split, blazing lights come on and light up that stage and I hear those roaring screams, ain’t nothing like it! The feeling of adrenaline, anxiety, fear, and power running through me in unison and channeling my every emotion through the guitar is priceless.

IH: Seeing all the fans and people when they enjoy our music and move around. I feed off that and transfer it on stage. 


SB: How has your choice to be an artist contributed to your growth as a person?

QS: SL: Well, being an artist you must have the will to give yourself up to the people. (Not in a negative way) What I mean by that is you must learn to love, understand, connect and nurture the needs of the audience. I believe that’s where the ability to be humble comes from. Also in my personal friendships and relationships it has taught me to unconditionally love no matter what. 

AA: As an artist, it has contributed to growth as a person because it helps me to stay grateful, humble, and to work even harder. You can never get comfortable in what you are working for.

You should always go hard.

AR: My choice to be an artist has undoubtedly changed me. I have learned to listen more, I’ve learned to fight more for what I want while also letting go of the things that are not in my control. From being antisocial to standing at the center of stardom, I’d say I’ve made a complete 360 in my purpose and personality.

IH:  It has helped me find who I am and what I truly feel is my purpose and place in life. For so long I searched to find my calling. I thought I found it in acting. But it wasn’t until I got my first bass that I learned that music was my true calling.


Quantum Split


SB: What Legacy will Quantum Split leave behind in decades to come?

QS: SL: I want to be able to let every young girl know that not only can you be anything you want to be but you can look good doing it! Also, to not give up who you are just to fit into societal stereotypes.  

We will be known as the most impactful band the world has ever known. 

AA: We will leave behind memories, great music for the world, albums that you can never get tired of listening to. A message of doing what’s right in the world today and forever on, but a tale to be told.

AR: When people speak of Quantum Split, they will not only remember the biggest band of this era, but also the band that changed the music industry. A band that did not follow the rules and made it to the top on their terms. A band that brought Armageddon to the stage and shifted the tides.

IH: Positivity to the world and those who embrace it!


Quantum SplitSB: If you met your biggest musical influencer face to face, what would you say?

SL:  Most of mine are dead but if I saw Beyoncé I would probably tell her “If you could give me words of advice what would it be? ” 

AA: Well, one of my biggest musical influences I have met already, but I would walk up to him and tell him. “We Meet Again.” J

AR: “It’s about time I got to your level.”

IH:  “Dude, check out my band!!!”


SB: What is the most important message you want to give people through your music?


AA: The message is this…Be yourself, do whatever it is that makes you happy. Believe in yourself and your dream. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Be the person that will encourage others to do the right thing.

AR: “Say what you gotta say, it’s time to stand up!”- Soleil Laurent

IH:  Be yourself. Have fun. Life is a journey of finding oneself. I’m fortunate to have found myself and continue to do so through this. 


Quantum Split


SB: How do you guys entertain yourselves both individually and as a band?

QS: SL: I recently started playing video games because of the bass player Ivan Hardy. I’m addicted to Black Ops and currently investing in a game system this week. I must kill all zombies! Lol 

AA: We entertain each other by being ourselves and making jokes, pranks and all kinds of crap to each other, just to show that we love each other. Our band isn’t just like any band. Yes, we are all different from each but we are people. We are a family.

AR:  On my own time you will usually find me working out, studying, trying different recipes since I really enjoy cooking, and more than cooking, eating. As a band, we tend to prank each other all day. We sometimes play board games and have some deep conversations.

IH: Video games for me individually. I love action adventures and RPG games. Usually I have my 3DS on me so I’m always on Monster Hunter or Skyrim when I’m at home. Band wise I bring my 360 on tour so we play Black Ops, Metal slug and whatever other games we like. The band also walks around sightseeing sometimes. 


Quantum SplitSB: What has been your favorite places that you have visited so far? 

QS: SL: I loved LA! Nice weather, happy people, beaches, vegan food everywhere, good sound engineers, artist and more. LA is currently the best stop on this tour so far. On the other hand, I can’t wait to go back to Rwanda, Africa.

They treat people with so much love it’s insane! 

AA: Africa has been amazing to me and the rest of my band. From the first time we went there it was an experience. I’ve never been on a plane before nor have I ever been to Africa. Africa is my favorite place that I’ve been to with this band.

AR: Rwanda, Africa. Nothing like the land, the people, the food, the culture and the overall atmosphere.

IH: California, North Carolina, and Arizona. Especially Los Angeles.


SB: Where can we find your music? Any upcoming shows?

QS: We are currently on a national tour! For tour date information and behind the scenes of EVERYTHING QUANTUM SPLIT please visit our official website


Quantum Split’s Social Links:

FB: Quantum Split Band
IG: @quantumsplit
TW: @quantumsplit



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